Mike Testa Jr.





Hometown: Vineland, NJ

Occupation: Attorney

Top 3 Issues: Economic development; ending Gov. Murphy’s “Sanctuary State”; reducing taxes and spending

Free-time activity: “I love playing golf with my father. My father and I are the best of friends and coworkers, and partners at my law firm together. [My 3-year-old son] is starting to come to the driving range with me. He’s going to be, really, a lover of the game of golf, and he wants to play golf with his dad and his pop-pop.”

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My name is Mike Testa, Jr., I’m married to my wife Julie with three beautiful kids, I am an attorney and small business owner, and I am running for State Senate in the 1 st Legislative District because the increasingly radical, left-wing policies being pushed by Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats are destroying our state and driving people away in record numbers.

Democrats have had complete control of the State Legislature for two decades, and New Jersey has only become less affordable for the middle-class, and more hostile to business and job creators.

Far-left policies like Governor Murphy’s so-called Sanctuary State are offensive to average men and women across the political spectrum – including legal immigrants – who work hard and play by the rules and want to see their government reward good behavior, not those who break the law.

Unfortunately, we know all too well that the American Dream is slipping away from South Jersey families.

We are the highest taxed state in America and our high school graduates are migrating to low-tax states at a record pace.

And, my concern is that Governor Murphy’s policies are asinine and they are dangerous. He is rewarding illegal immigrants while raising taxes on the rest of us.

While President Trump’s policies have helped to spur record economic growth across the country, New Jersey is still lagging behind, and South Jersey continues to get the short end of the stick.

South Jersey has a severe lack of economic investment – and that has come with terrible consequences.

Finally, under Phil Murphy and the Democrats, the rights of legal gun owners are constantly under attack.

I will be an ardent defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. My opponent pays it lip service but then capitulates to liberal party bosses and special interests. I will never relent in my fight to protect our constitutional rights.

Time after time, Democrats claim to care about the little guy, but their policies have hurt the middle class and working poor more than anyone else.

My family has deep roots in South Jersey, and the future of our community is important to me.

My great-grandparents emigrated from Italy – legally, by the way – to secure a better future for their children and themselves. My grandfather became the first elected Mayor of Vineland, despite not even speaking English until the 1st grade.

And on Mom’s side, my grandparents were Polish Jews who met in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II and were, thank God, freed by Allied soldiers. After the war, they settled in Buena and ran a chicken farm.

Clearly, public service has been an important part of our family’s history and I have worked to carry that legacy forward. I am a proud member of the Greater Vineland Chapter of the NAACP and Past Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland and Salem Counties.

And, as the incredibly proud father of two little girls, I have been the Board President of the Vineland Regional Dance company for several years.

South Jersey needs a leader who will create a better future for our children and grandchildren. Folks, it’s time to Flip the First Legislative District to guarantee local families have a voice in Trenton - and we are no longer ignored.