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Free-time activity: “I am married and my wife and I have two kids. I have a daughter that’s four, and a son that’s one-and-a-half. So we don’t have a lot of free time for ourselves, but we do like to travel up-and-down the state to do things outdoors. Personally, I do a fair amount of skiing and scuba diving, and I do a lot of gardening with my kids as well.”

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Hello, my name is Michael Kazimir, I am currently the Mayor of Rochelle Park and a candidate for the New Jersey Assembly in district 38.

I am in my seventh year serving the residents of Rochelle Park and have been selected as Mayor under both republican and democrat majorities. It has been my goal to bring cost-effective, high-quality services to my constituents. In fact, Rochelle Park has one of the lowest average property tax bills in all of Bergen County.

I hope to bring that responsible leadership to Trenton.

We need to address our infrastructure and our failing New Jersey transit system so our residents have efficient options for travel to and from work. New Jersey is consistently ranked near the bottom in business climate, and near the top in job seekers leaving the state to find employment elsewhere. We need to foster an environment that will support and attract businesses to New Jersey and provide realistic job opportunities for those seeking employment.

This year, Phil Murphy has increased the budget for New Jersey two billion dollars. Spending continues to increase but the problems we face are not being addressed. He is proposing additional spending for illegal immigrants while not supporting retirement programs for our public employees, firemen, police, and teachers.

Our school funding formula and local state aid program does not give district 38 residents the funding we deserve. We fall far behind other districts in the State. I will fight for a fair funding formula.

Court-mandated overdevelopment is putting undue burden in our local resources and infrastructure, I will fight to ensure we have a strong local voice in the future of our own municipalities.

While I have identified a number of problems we face as New Jerseyans, we have always risen to the challenge. The people of New Jersey are resilient and hardworking. It's time their representatives reflect that same hard work and focus on solving those problems.

This is what I hope to do in Trenton.

When it comes time to vote this November, your vote makes a difference in the future of our State.

Thank you for your time and I hope for your support.