Michael Bollentin





Hometown: Hightstown, NJ

Occupation: IT/Security

Top 3 Issues: Tax reforms; economic/budgetary reforms; education

Favorite thing about NJ: My favorite thing about New Jersey is where I live. I live 45 minutes from New York, 45 minutes from Philadelphia, and 45 minutes from the Shore. We’re rich in history, we’re rich in our environment, we have mountains, we have shores, we have bogs. I just love everything about our state.”

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My name is Michael Bollentin. I am the independent candidate for New Jersey’s 14th Legislative District. I’ve been a state-certified EMT for the last 27 years and spent 16 years in Law Enforcement before retiring for medical issues. I am a husband and father to two young boys. I have dedicated my life in the service of others and would like to continue doing so as a State Assemblyman.

As JFK said, “Let us not chose the Republican or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”I am running as an independent candidate because I want to serve the people of the state on their behest, not under the thumb of a given political party. Their ideologies do not fit nearly half of the people in the district. I believe our government, under the current two-party system, is ultimately failing to do its job. Divisive rhetoric has no place in public office and has become too common. Lip service given by elected officials is little more than “Us vs Them” excuses as to why our government is failing. It is failing because of this.

My platform is simple: I will be your voice. I want to see purposeful and effective legislation. Not laws that give the illusion some progress is being made on a given issue, but substantive and quantifiable laws that truly help the people of the district and state. It’s no secret that people are leaving the state, seemingly as fast as they can. I want to stop that. I want to make the state better. I want to make the state inviting to live in again, not just visit. I want to make the state better for our children. This is what I would work on. And this is why I am running for State Assembly.