Maria Cordonnier





Hometown: Little Falls, NJ

Occupation: Realtor

Top 3 Issues: Provide relief from SALT deduction cap; improve access to affordable, quality healthcare; invest in infrastructure, including public transportation systems

Free-time activity: “You only need to know me for a short period of time to know that I am a big animal lover and a big dog lover. My 100-pound dog Bear is the center of my husband and my world. We love animals and we love helping animals who need to get adopted. Our Bear is adopted. So I really, really love everything about dealing with animals.”

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My name is Maria Condonnier and I’m running for New Jersey State Assembly in the 40th District.

I’m running because I know that we can do better for hardworking New Jersey families and that now, more than ever, we need strong leaders who will stand up for what is right.

In 2016, I was elected to the Little Falls Township Council. Little Falls government had stagnated over 40 years with rising taxes and crumbling infrastructure. We knew we could do better with some creativity and strong leadership.

We got to work stabilizing taxes and investing in our roads and infrastructure. I’m proud to say, Little Falls is on the right track.

I hear from residents every day, sitting at the kitchen table, talking at front doors. There’s a real sense of worry. They worry about their children's futures - affording college, ensuring our public schools are strong. They worry about affording the roof over their heads. They worry about economic opportunity in our district. They worry about whether a sickness or health crisis will plunge them into financial trouble.

In all of these conversations, there is a real sense that we need stronger independent, leadership on these kitchen table issues. I believe we can do a lot of good for people, but that takes dedication, courage, and creativity.

That means fighting to address our broken transit system. Delays and cancelations mean that people can’t get to and from work.

I’ll work to ensure our public schools receive a fair share of state funding. I’ll advocate to provide affordable educational opportunities for New Jersey students beyond high school, including strengthening our community college system.

I’ll fight to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

And we need to find a solution to combat the harmful SALT deduction cap that was pushed on New Jersey residents.

If last year taught us anything, it’s that we can make a difference if we get active and get engaged. We’re looking to build on that this year.