Lisa Swain





Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ

Occupation: Assemblymember & triathlete coach

Top 3 Issues: Healthcare, education, and affordability

Free-time activity: “I train a lot. I’m a triathlete and I’m training for two more triathlons this season, so I do a lot of running, swimming, and biking. I also like to spend time – as much time as I can – with my kids and my family. We have a wonderful pool in Fair Lawn, I love to hang out there and see my friends.”

Social Media: Facebook

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I’m running for re-election in New Jersey’s 38th District because I love this community.

Like many people, I came to this district because I wanted to raise my kids here. That was 25 years ago. Our district has some of the best public schools in the state, and I sent my daughters to those public schools so they could get a world-class education. I want to make sure those schools continue to provide the very best learning experience possible. That’s why I worked with my running mate, Assemblyman Chris Tully, to bring over $20 million dollars in education funding back to this district. That means more funding for our schools and more stable taxes for residents.

Before entering the State Assembly, I was privileged to serve as the Mayor of Fair Lawn. I’m proud to say that I held the line on taxes throughout my tenure. And I led the fight to improve water quality and get contamination out of our drinking water. People told me I was crazy, that the water was fine, that it wasn’t worth the fight. I didn’t back down. I’m proud to say we took action to remove the pollutants and now, Fair Lawn’s water quality is much improved.

Like many of my neighbors, I’m helping to care for an elderly family member in this district, my mother-in-law. Fortunately, she has been able to stay in her home and continues to live in Fair Lawn. I want every senior citizen in my district to have that same opportunity, to be able to afford to stay here in the homes and community they love after they retire. That’s why we restored the homestead rebate and Senior Freeze programs, which are vital to allowing seniors in our community to retire with dignity and keep their homes.

We live in an uncertain time. Women’s health care is under attack, and Republicans in Congress came one vote away from passing a health care repeal plan that would have gutted health care protections for millions of New Jerseyans. It would have allowed insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and to charge seniors like my mother-in-law thousands of dollars more each year in out-of-pocket costs. So we’ve introduced legislation that would keep essential health benefits for New Jerseyans intact even if Washington, DC were to pass that disastrous repeal plan. And I will always protect women’s health care rights and access to quality reproductive health care.

When I see a problem affecting my community, I take action. Whether that’s making sure we have clean water to drink, getting tax relief for seniors so they can stay in their homes, working to improve pedestrian safety, or protecting New Jerseyans’ health care.

I will always stand up for the 38th District. Too much is at stake for me not to keep fighting for this community I love so much.

Thank you for watching, and please remember to vote on November 5th.