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Favorite thing about NJ: “It can’t be just one thing. My family and I moved to NJ about 15 years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to raise my children in New Jersey. My favorite thing about New Jersey is I think New Jersey is the best place to raise a family. My kids had the benefit of going to the public schools in New Jersey and got a first-class education. They were able to grow up in an area that was safe. And they really have grown into wonderful young people.”

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The hardest part about being a doctor is that your patients’ lives rest in your hands. The buck stops with you. When someone rolls into the Emergency Room sick or bleeding you don’t have time to sit around and argue--you have to do something to save them.

We've had the same problems in New Jersey for as long as anyone can remember -- our infrastructure is crumbling, our economy is flatlining and middle-class families are being crushed under the highest property taxes in the country. But our representatives have been in Trenton for more than a decade and haven't solved a single one. That wouldn't fly in a doctor's office and it shouldn't in our government.

I never planned on running for office. When I was younger I never even thought I would become a doctor.

I went to school to study international relations, graduating from Brown in 1991, and went on to work at a consulting firm.

I had a great job but felt wholly unsatisfied. So I started volunteering evenings at my local emergency room and I realized that I wanted a career helping people. It was the one-on-one interaction of patient care that appealed to me. Making people feel better, helping them out in any way I could was something I loved, and it was what I wanted to do.

So I quit my job, went to med school, became an OB/GYN and practiced at Overlook Hospital in Summit.

I’ve spent my entire career as a doctor working to keep my patients healthy and happy, and advocating for women’s health. But the more I worked with people the more I realized how much was wrong. I had patients who were kicked off their insurance, who didn’t know how they were going to pay for their care or their prescription drugs. I had patients whose taxes were so high that they couldn’t afford to stay in NJ and had to move out of town.

Then in 2008, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease so severe it left me wheelchair-bound and on a ventilator for an entire summer. I had to face those same problems myself first-hand.
There’s so much that we can and must be doing to help make New Jersey a better, more affordable place to live. We have to invest in our economy to create good-paying jobs. We have to revitalize New Jersey Transit so commuters can get to work safely and reliably, and to attract NY commuters to our area. We need to finally take steps to reduce our property tax burden, so no one has to worry about whether they can afford to stay in our community.

We don’t have time for politics and petty in-fighting, and we shouldn’t accept representatives who spend more time arguing with each other than they do working for us. The buck stops with all of us here in this election. Together we can make our state work for middle-class families again.