Khaldoun Androwis





Hometown: Wallington, NJ

Occupation: Global IT Manager for a big financial firm

Top 3 Issues: No tax increases; no recreational marijuana; support small businesses

Free-time activity: “I like to spend time with my family. I’ve got three girls – 3, 12, and 14 [years old]. I love them a lot. I love my wife. I do a lot of volunteer work… and that’s why I got involved with [my] town because I love to give back for the residents.”

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My name is Khaldoun Androwis. I am currently a second-term councilman for the Borough of Wallington and was two times council president. I graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with B.S degree in Engineering Science and Technology. I am currently and was a liaison for multiple departments like Finance, Capital projects, Police, EMS, Health, Insurance, and Shade Tree Commission. The reason I am running for the state assembly is because I strongly feel I can make a better life for people of District 36. I know we are facing many challenges in our state and District 36 in particular. But I’m here to address couple major issues:

1. No tax increase. We are already overtaxed: We need to reduce taxes and the burden off the taxpayer. This was proven already in our municipality when I took the finance department, the year I took office it was zero increase that year which never happened in 20+ years although our Borough have no major ratable from businesses to offset the burden of taxpayers.

2. No recreational marijuana. Definitely, I will be blocking and voting against the recreational marijuana which was proven already, any state legalized the marijuana on their states it destroyed many families also increased the accidents. I took motion in 2018 to not allow any marijuana business to open in our Borough if this law passed by the state.

3. No for removing funds from Volunteers and First Responders

4. Supporting small and large businesses: We need to give peace of mind to our residents they can change jobs or start a new business with confidence. Small businesses they always have been, the main engines of growth in America. We have the infrastructure and manpower no need for any major company to leave NJ and go to other locations.

5. Improve our roads and infrastructures.

6. Improve our health insurance and pension program.

I learned that during my political career you can’t make progress dividing people, stoking fear, or setting one against another. I learned that the only way to overcome the tough challenges is by extending grace, finding common ground, and working together.

I believe we will achieve things that other people say are impossible if we put political affiliations to the side and concentrate at the candidate and what they can bring to the table. One thing I can promise you have a candidate who will do everything he can to represent you and fight for you with proven records to do the right things regardless of any political affiliation. Let us be frankly at this point “What are you going to lose?” Together - and when I refer for together for all our residents “Republican, Democrat and unaffiliated.” Together, we will do the things that other people tell us are impossible. Together, we will run the tough challenges facing our district and at the state level. And together, Our district and state will rise and move in the right direction once again. Together, we will win. God bless you and God bless the USA.