Kevin Rooney





Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Occupation: Managing Partner, HMS Global Holdings, L.L.C.

Top 3 Issues: Affordability; Infrastructure; Property tax relief

Free-time activity: “One of the things I really love to do is cook. I won the TV show ‘Chopped.’ Back in 2011, I was serving Mayor, and I came home from a council meeting and my daughter Jordan said, ‘Dad, I signed you up for a TV show.’ Long-story-short, I was accepted to go on the show out of about 3,000 contestants. I cooked on that TV show ‘Chopped,’ and won the $10,000 because of my passion for cooking. Then, in turn, I took the $10,000 award and I started a culinary arts program at a battered women’s shelter called Oasis, in Patterson. Since then, because of that exposure on ‘Chopped,’ I’ve raised close to a quarter of a million dollars for nonprofits.”

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My name is Assemblyman Kevin Rooney and I am running for reelection to continue representing New Jersey’s 40th Legislative District.

I have served in the Assembly since 2016 and it is a true honor to represent you in the General Assembly.

Now, more than ever, we need strong leadership in Trenton. Unfortunately, we are not getting that from our current Administration. Governor Murphy’s administration has failed to maintain our roads, failed to fix NJ Transit, and failed to make New Jersey affordable.
New Jersey has the highest debt burden per taxpayer in the country with each taxpayer having to pay $67,000 to make our state debt-free.

New Jersey was rated the worst state business tax climate in the country. Just four years ago, New Jersey was voted the least liked state in America. New Jersey is ranked 50th among the states in fiscal health based on its fiscal solvency in five separate categories. Our property taxes are rated worst in the country. NJ had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. Our younger residents are leaving the state at an alarming rate.

We can do better.

And as a father of 4, grandfather to Gryffin and Scarlett, I will continue the fight to make our state better.

Governor Murphy often talks about a stronger and fairer New Jersey but his two years in office have pinned public employees against those who work in the private sector. He wants to tax hard work and success while failing to manage his own fiscal crisis. The state raised the gas tax and yet our roads and bridges are crumbling. Governor Murphy’s unrealistic promises have left this state divided.

In Trenton, I’m fighting for our seniors, children, and families; I’m fighting for those suffering from addiction and mental health disorders. I’m fighting for our commuters who are all too used to dodging potholes and having their run-down trains and buses consistently delayed. I’m fighting for the families that just want to be able to afford to live in New Jersey.

Throughout my career, I have given my all to improve the lives of my neighbors. From serving on council in Wyckoff to being Mayor, I’ve worked with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to find sensible solutions to the issues we faced.

Wyckoff led the way from innovation in governing. Me and the rest of the governing body didn’t care about politics, we didn’t care about which party we belong to, and we cared about our community and our families.

I’m not a Trenton politician. I come from humble beginnings and have worked hard throughout my life and now I run my own business. My wife Hayley and I chose to raise our children here and we hope that our children and grandchildren can do the same. I ask you for your support this November because New Jersey cannot continue in the direction it’s going in. We need strong leadership.