Kathleen Cooley





Hometown: Burlington, NJ

Occupation: Paralegal, NJ Division of Law

Top 3 Issues: Tax incentives for corporations; property taxes; working family protections

Free-time activity: “I love to be outside during my free time. I love to garden, I have lots of vegetable and flower gardens. I love to be at the beach, I love to be in the water when it’s really hot out. I’m a cat rescuer, so I have kitties that I love to spend my time with. And I love to sing, and dance, and just relax when I can.”

Social Media: Facebook

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Hello. My name is Kathleen Cooley, and I am here to tell you about why I am running as an Independent candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly in the 7th Legislative District.

I am running because I want working people like you and me to have a fair shake. We need good jobs that pay a living wage. We need security and dignity in our retirement years. We need affordable housing and reasonable property taxes. We need good schools with great teachers. We need safe roads and bridges, and clean air and water. These are not radical or selfish ideas or even liberal or conservative ideas. These are things all New Jerseyans should have.

This year’s budget battle brought into sharp focus the biggest reason why most of us don’t have these simple necessities. We learned that some Trenton politicians and party bosses would rather give major tax incentives to wealthy corporations than reform a dysfunctional law. We learned that the very same legislators who called for a “millionaire’s tax” FIVE TIMES under Governor Christie, would rather gut the pensions and healthcare of hard-working state workers than work with Governor Murphy on a fair budget.

These legislators would have you believe that state workers are to blame for all of the state’s fiscal problems. The truth is, however, that billions of dollars in potential revenue are lost because tax incentives are awarded to profitable companies who put a strain on local budgets while paying nothing for years on end. That revenue shortfall has to be made up somewhere, and that is why our property taxes remain outrageously high while our streets deteriorate and our schools crumble. They tell us we can’t afford to fix these things and, meanwhile, these highly profitable corporations are not paying their fair share.

I’m in this race because I believe this madness has to stop! New Jersey has the highest rate of tax incentives to business but the lowest rate of benefit to residents of any state in the region. We’re not seeing the good jobs that are promised, but we ARE seeing our own budgets become more and more strained. I will stand up for working-class families who have had enough. I will fight against the party bosses and the self-interested legislators in this state who don’t have working peoples’ interests at heart.

My campaign slogan is “True Blue and Unbossed.” I’ve never run for public office before, and I don’t have big special interests financing my campaign. So if you’ve had enough of “business as usual” in Trenton, I ask for your support. If you like what you’ve heard and would like to learn more about me, please look me up on Facebook at “Cooley for NJ Assembly.” Most importantly, come out and vote on November 5th! Thank you!