Jon Bramnick





Hometown: Westfield, NJ

Occupation: Lawyer

Top 3 Issues: Ending court-imposed high-density housing; lowering property taxes; eliminating health insurance pre-approvals

Free-time activity: “Playing with my grandchildren. The other day I played probably three hours in the pool – that’s as long as I’ve been in the swimming pool in 60 years – with my granddaughter. Playing pool games with my grandchildren is by far number one. Spend a lot of time with my family during those weekends when I’m not out campaigning around the state – that’s by far number one. It just makes you smile when you say, ‘grandchildren.'”

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I’m Jon Bramnick and currently serve as Minority Leader in the State Assembly.

I deeply believe that if we are going to succeed as a state and a country, we must treat each other with respect. No family or business can work without listening to each other and compromise.

If you’re looking for a representative who just attacks the other side and concentrates on partisan nonsense, I am not your guy.

But, if you’re looking for someone who will fight powerful insurance companies to make sure you get the treatment that you and your doctor need, than that’s me.

If you want someone who calls people names and spreads hate, I don’t want your vote.

If you want someone who voted against 130 tax increases, than that’s me, Jon Bramnick. I know New Jersey must be competitive with other states for us to be successful.

I have led the fight to stop court imposed high density housing in our towns. Housing issues are the responsibility of the legislature. The fact that the legislature failed to act and towns are now forced to accept thousands of new housing units causes overcrowding in our schools which means higher property taxes.

Trenton should not micromanage our towns or schools, local officials should decide housing and educational issues. Trenton politicians should not end local control of our schools. I will fight to let parents decide where to send their children to school.

Trenton politicians have failed at managing your money and they should not micromanage your community.

Most importantly, when people need help, I have always been there. Whether the fight is against big utilities companies, insurance companies or government itself, people need to be respected. With me, people will always get that respect.

Some know me as New Jersey’s Funniest lawyer. As a part-time standup comedian, I raise money for charities around the state. But don’t be misled in thinking I’m not serious about the challenges facing our state. I am about fighting for the survival of New Jersey, the fight to make it affordable and that’s no joke.

I will continue to fight against extreme policies coming from Trenton. My plan will keep families here and create jobs. I want to cap state spending like our towns do. I want to cut income taxes by 10 percent so you keep more of what you make. And we should be able to fully deduct property taxes... the highest in the nation.

As a lawyer, when I need to make an argument on your behalf, I will continue to do it. So in conclusion, if you want nasty, name-calling partisan fighting don’t vote for me. But if you want a friend in Trenton who will work hard for you, you got him.

I’m Jon Bramnick, your State Assemblyman.