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Free-time activity: Being an elected official, and running a business, and being a father, and having kids and a family, doesn’t give you a lot of time. But the time that I do have I enjoy spending in the community, helping other organizations achieve their goals to better the community.”

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Hello, I'm Freeholder John Risley. I am asking for your support in the election on November 5th so that I may serve you and all residents of the Second Legislative District as your State Assemblyman.

Public service has been a lifelong passion for me. I have served as President of the Mainland Regional Board of Education, councilman in the cities of Linwood, Somers Point, and Egg Harbor Township, and for 18 years as an Atlantic County Freeholder.

The goal of my candidacy for Assembly is to use my knowledge and experience to attract high-paying jobs to Atlantic County and foster open and honest state government.

My extensive experience in county government makes me uniquely qualified for this challenge. I am proud of the role I played in bringing about the formation of our National Aviation Research and Technology Park. The first building is fully occupied by major corporations such as General Dynamics. With more to come. This is only part of an entire aviation industry, focusing on new cutting-edge airport technologies, being developed in Atlantic County. The National Institute of Aerospace will serve as lead partner in this effort.

New Jersey state government is in a deep financial crisis and must stop digging itself into a deeper hole with ever-higher spending. Property taxes continue spiraling upward with no end in sight. Residents are voting with their feet and leaving New Jersey by the thousands, taking some of the best and brightest minds with them.

The Atlantic County Board of Freeholders backed the financing needed to build the Atlantic City campus of Stockton University, providing a major boost to the revitalization of the City. The state, in contrast, could do nothing because of its poor bond rating, which has been downgraded 11 times in the past 9 years.

As your Assemblyman, I will support policies that reduce the size of state government and raise our bond rating. Our cities and schools operate with a budget cap, and the state should have a spending cap as well.

Wouldn't money being spent on pet projects be better served by providing direct property tax relief to overburdened homeowners?

The mess in Trenton extends beyond financial matters. Individual lawmakers are attempting to bypass local officials and ram unpopular legislation through the state legislature. Our state government should only adopt policies that have the support of the people that we serve.

We have been through some very tough times in the past few years, but my running mate Phil Guenther and I see a bright future for Atlantic County. We sincerely ask for your support on November 5th.