Joann Downey





Hometown: Freehold, NJ

Occupation: Former Deputy State Attorney General

Top 3 Issues: Helping to fix the gender wage gap and restoring $7.5 million in funding for women’s healthcare; Passing common-sense gun safety laws; lowering the property tax burden for seniors by expanding the Senior Freeze program

Free-time activity: “I don’t have a lot of free time, I have to admit. Besides being an assemblywoman, I’m also an attorney and I have two little girls who are eight and nine-and-a-half. I’m very busy, but when I do have free time, we love film. My husband’s a history professor, so we have the criterion collection – pretty much most movies in the criterion collection. We watch old movies from the ’30s and ’40s and we’re getting out children involved. We just actually watched Singing in the Rain and they loved it. They had such a good time. But we try to introduce them to all this – and it’s our family night.”

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I grew up in Freehold Township, and I've lived in New Jersey all my life. My parents didn't go to college, but they worked hard to give me and my siblings opportunities they never had. As a state trooper, my dad went out and risked his life every day to make our community a better place.

I always knew that I wanted to help people like he did - and so when I grew up, I went to school to become a lawyer and a social worker.

My husband and I both took out loans to pay for college, like working parents across New Jersey. Like us, they did everything right - but too often, they’re working hard and just not getting ahead. We’ve seen student loans, mortgages, and bills getting bigger, but paychecks are staying the same size.

As a lawyer, as a social worker, and as a mom, I was fed up that we couldn’t get more done for working families, so I ran for Assembly to fight for families like mine. It’s been a privilege to fight for the residents of my district as an Assemblywoman.

I'm proud to raise my two daughters Siobhan and Saorise right near where I grew up in Freehold, and I want them to be able to stay in New Jersey and raise their families here, too.

That’s why Eric and I have fought to lower costs for families in Monmouth County, even when it means taking on our own party to get the job done.

I’ve also been proud to fight for women’s healthcare, common-sense gun safety laws, and equal pay laws that can make a difference for working women across New Jersey. I’m running for Assembly because I want to make my community safer and fairer for my daughters, and for every family like ours. It would be my honor to earn your vote and continue serving you in the New Jersey legislature. Thank you.