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Free-time activity: Most of my free time is spent with my wife and my 10-year-old son David. We enjoy doing all kinds of things together: going to movies, going to the beach. One of my son’s favorite things to do is eating out, and we go out to eat a lot and we enjoy all the great restaurants that New Jersey has to offer.”

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My name is Jeff Brown and I am running for the Assembly as a Republican for the 18th District, which includes East Brunswick, where I maintain a law practice and live with my wife Lori and our son David.

This is my first time running for public office, although I have been interested in politics my entire life. I grew up in a home where we followed the news and debated issues. As my father predicted, I have become more conservative as I have gotten older.

I’m running for office because I think I can make a positive contribution to the political discussion. I’m a lawyer. Lawyering if often about gathering facts and evidence, and then analyzing them, drawing conclusions, and making arguments. I believe in the ideology of common sense and common decency.

Ronald Reagan had a great quote about the most terrifying words in the English language, which are: “I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” As Reagan understood, government cannot and should not be the solution to every problem, but when used intelligently, it can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The Republicans will win back Assembly seats in 2019. I am convinced of this and I hope to be a part of it. It is my hope that I am elected to represent and advocate for the citizens of
the 18th District, who are over-taxed, over-regulated, and over-burdened.

I believe in small government, and that a new tax or a new benefit isn’t always the answer to every social problem. I believe that one-party rule is not working for New Jersey and we need more ideological diversity in the legislature to reign in some of the more extreme and ill-considered proposals floating around Trenton and often driven by the Governor.

For example, marijuana legalization? An idea whose time hasn’t quite come. An idea so divisive that it couldn’t even pass through a Democratically controlled legislature. We live in the most densely populated state in the nation. Some studies have shown an increase in traffic accidents in those states where marijuana has been legalized. It's hard for me to understand how marijuana legalization improves the quality of life for our residents.

We need to remember one of the simplest economic maxims of all time: there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Free college tuition for low-income students may sound like a great idea, but it's not really free. It's being paid for by everyone, including middle-income families who are hard-pressed saving for their own children’s college educations. A $15.00 per hour minimum wage sounds wonderfully egalitarian unless you happen to be a small business owner struggling to afford to keep your business open amid ever-rising costs.

New Jersey needs to get its financial house in order. It's time to re-think the types of retirement and health care benefits we offer to new government employees. It's time to cut back on the bureaucracy in our State government. We need to strive to become a State where both families can afford to stay and businesses choose to stay. Thank you for your time.