Ian Holmes





Hometown: Brick Township, NJ

Occupation: Full-time Student at TCNJ, Student Senior Data Clerk for the TCNJ Office of Admissions, Cheesemonger

Top 3 Issues: Voting Reform; Education; Sustainability and Infrastructure Development

Free-time activity: “I’ll be honest – I’m a bit of a nerd. I currently run a group for Dungeons and Dragons. I, myself, am the campaign writer. On top of that, not only do I do a couple of creative writing projects, but I’m a bit of a policy wonk in my free time. I love to study bureaucratic dysfunction along with political systems and parliamentary comparisons across international studies. Along with that, I will be honest, I have a tendency to dabble in the lesser side of political science, with political ideology and theory. It’s a bit of academics, but in my free time I love to read fantasy.”

Social Media: Facebook

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Hello. My name is Ian Holmes. I am a new, young, and a politically unaffiliated academic. I am also one of the two independent candidates running in New Jersey’s 10th Legislative District. My slogan is “Addressing Systemic Issues” which means that I want to discuss the problems in New Jersey that exist because of issues within the political system and government. I believe that some of these problems can be tackled by structurally changing the system. I imagine there are voters who are just as frustrated as I am at seeing our two parties ignore these issues and watch them loom ahead of us with greater importance. Sure, we might not be able to fix all of them, but those that we cannot fix now, we might be able to alleviate, or at the very least talk about them so that we do not forget.

My campaign Holmes for Assembly is a local grassroots organization that can support a platform that deals with state-wide problems, policies, and solutions. I think we need to realize that even if we locally elect our representatives, the state legislature is tasked with making laws for the state. I will not make false promises about getting benefits for the district itself. Instead, my solutions should benefit most citizens of New Jersey. The center of my platform is my High Five Reforms. They are large, high reaching, and if successful will help modernize New Jersey for the future. They are voting reform, education, taxation, sustainability and infrastructure development, and well-being.

Lastly, I want to discuss my first reform of the High Five, voting reform. It is one of the most important because it is very hard to find a party candidate that is willing to discuss voting reform. Yes, I would like to limit the influence of money in elections by expanding New Jersey’s public campaign financing to legislative elections. However, voting reform is so much more than finances. It is the way we vote and how many choices we choose to give ourselves as voters. We currently use First-Past-the-Post where the candidate with the most votes wins the election. It is the oldest, least proportional, and unfair voting system in the world for democratic elections. My goal would be to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted in an election, to limit gerrymandering, and to provide voters with more choices than two parties. The state legislature has the power to change the voting system. Money may be influential, but knowledge is another kind of power altogether. My fellow citizens of New Jersey, democrats, independents, moderates, and republicans alike join me, Ian Holmes, to send a signal that we the people are ready to reform for the future.