Holly Schepisi





Hometown: River Vale, NJ

Occupation: Vice President Holy Name Medical Center, President of Holy Name Medical Center Foundation

Top 3 Issues: Affordability; Property Taxes; Overdevelopment

Free-time activity:In light of the fact that I have the equivalent of two full-time jobs and I’m the mother of two children, I don’t have a lot of free time. But when I do, my passion is playing piano. I also love to read books. We go on a lot of walks with our puppy and friends. I have dear friends since I have 12, 13 years old, and we still get together quite a bit.”

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Hi, I’m Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi and I’m running for re-election as your District 39 representative this November.

During my time in the State Assembly, I’ve fought to protect Bergen and Passaic County families, by standing up to the corrupt political establishment in Trenton, regardless of party;

I’ve fought to stop the crushing tax burden and make New Jersey a more affordable place to live, work and raise a family for our middle class;

I’ve worked to fix the unfair school funding formula, which shortchanges our children and increases taxes disproportionately and significantly on Bergen and Passaic County families;

I’ve taken on the opioid and heroin crisis affecting our communities and putting our children’s lives at risk;

I’ve opposed the court-mandated overdevelopment of our communities, which will burden our schools, our roads, our public transportation, and our municipal governments;

I’ve held NJ Transit accountable and worked to fix our broken transportation system, invest in critical infrastructure projects, and protect our environment; and I’ve fought to ensure that every New Jersey family has access to quality, affordable health care.

In taking a stand on these critical issues and crafting legislation, I’ve always tried to use my own experiences as the mother of two; a brain aneurysm and melanoma survivor; an attorney and small business owner; an advocate for women and children; and now a Vice President of one of New Jersey’s community hospitals and President of its foundation, to make sure that what we’re doing is right, even if it’s not politically popular.

For too long, New Jersey has ranked highest in all the wrong categories: highest taxes, worst business climate; highest out migration; worst place to retire;

It has to stop!

Too many New Jersey families are struggling to make ends meet. Too many small business owners are being crushed by high taxes and burdensome regulations. Too many children are being shortchanged by New Jersey’s unfair school funding formula. And too many middle-class families are being forced into bankruptcy as a result of their inability to access quality, affordable health care without outrageous out of pocket expenses. It’s unacceptable.

We need a balanced government that uses reason and facts to make policy decisions; not blind partisanship and distortions to pass radical legislation, all in the name of being “progressive”. We need representatives willing to put aside sound bites and divisiveness and who vow to fight for all of our residents, not merely those who agree with them on every issue. We need sanity. We need voices of reason. We need to stop implementing bad legislative policies based solely on emotion and headlines rather than facts and logic. And we cannot continue to have single-party rule in Bergen and Passaic counties.

When we talk about fairness, equality, and affordability, we must fight against policies that ignore our middle-class families, who simply want a good-paying job, a quality education for their children and a safe community to live in.

As we move forward, I will continue to fight for New Jersey families and find bipartisan solutions to deal with these critical issues.

On November 5th, I hope to continue to have your support, so that together, we can ensure a balanced, responsible state government that represents all of our residents.