Gerard Scharfenberger





Hometown: Middletown, NJ

Occupation: Archaeologist

Top 3 Issues: Property taxes, economic development, safety

Free-time activity:I love sports, I love to go to baseball games, I love music, I love to go to concerts, I love to play golf – even though I don’t get to play often, and it certainly shows when I do play. I love to travel this great state and around the country, certainly whenever I can. Traveling, sports, and music – those are my loves.”

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Hi, I'm Gerry Scharfenberger. I've been a mayor, a county freeholder and today, I'm running for State Assembly in New Jersey's 13th Legislative District.

My wife Gerry and I live in Middletown and are the proud parents of two grown children. As a
husband, a father, and a New Jerseyan, I'm deeply concerned about the direction of our state. I want to serve in the State Assembly because I believe New Jersey is at the proverbial crossroads and the path we choose will dictate the future for generations to come.

Governor Murphy and the Democrat Majority in Trenton believe taxes aren't high enough, that criminal aliens should be shielded from the reach of law enforcement and that billions more in government spending is the pathway to digging us out of the largest fiscal crisis in our state's history. I do not share that vision. In the State Assembly, I will be a leader in offering a stark alternative to the liberal policies that are destroying New Jersey. Let me be clear, I'm not going to Trenton to vote for an official state bird or debate whether to change the title freeholder - my sole priority will be offering solutions to making our communities safe, affordable and prosperous for all New Jerseyans.

A safe New Jersey involves opposing sanctuary state policies, protecting the 2nd Amendment and supporting law enforcement. An affordable New Jersey can be achieved by cutting income taxes 10%, cutting corporate taxes to make New Jersey economically competitive, capping state government spending at 2% and most importantly, finding an alternative to our archaic property tax system to fully fund education and essential services.

A prosperous New Jersey will stop driving wealth and businesses out of the state and return to the days when New Jersey was a mecca for business attraction and growth, innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish.

We need to send a message that the failures of Governor Murphy and the Trenton Democrats will not doom the future of New Jersey and that there is an alternative voice in the legislature. The State of New Jersey, with its rich history, great physical beauty, highly educated workforce, and extraordinary quality of life deserves leadership that will always put safety, affordability, and prosperity, above all else.

Thank you and I ask for your vote on November 5th.