Gerald Falotico





Hometown: Emerson, NJ

Occupation: Retired Mahwah Police Officer; Property Maintenance Officer for Upper Saddle River

Top 3 Issues: Getting our fair share of funding back from Trenton to stabilize our local taxes, support our teachers and first responders, and fix our roads and other infrastructure; Standing up for hardworking families by encouraging job growth, ensuring safe work conditions, and defending the right to fair and equal pay; Keeping our communities safe from gun violence and pollutants

Free-time activity: “In my free time I like to spend time with my kids, I like to go to the shore, and I like to participate in different sporting events.”

Social Media: Facebook

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I’m Gerald Falotico and I’m running for State Assembly in New Jersey’s 39th district, where I’ve lived and worked my entire life, and where my wife and I have chosen to raise our family.

It’s a great responsibility to stand up for working families, for senior citizens and veterans, for first responders, teachers, and for all the people who make up the vibrant communities of this district. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously.

I make those commitments to you not as a political candidate, but as your neighbor.

As your neighbor, I have also been a member of the Emerson Volunteer Fire Department and the Recreation Commission and have volunteered as a youth sports coach to assist the community in any way possible. This is one reason why I decided to run for a Council seat in my hometown.

If you told me ten years ago that I would be on the Council in my hometown of Emerson – let alone a candidate for State Assembly – I would have told you, you were crazy.

I guess you can say I am a public servant and I want to help in any way possible.

I have spent my career in the Mahwah police department, serving the citizens of Mahwah for almost 30 years where I worked my way up the ranks to become the detective in charge of the juvenile bureau. Where I was able to help steer young people away from trouble – whether it was drugs, bullying, or abusive situations – before that trouble got too serious for them to handle.

During my career in Mahwah, I also served as president of the Mahwah Policemen's Benevolent Association for ten years. During that time I had a front-row seat as the livelihoods, healthcare, and retirement security of my fellow officers and other public employees got turned into a political football by Chris Christie and his allies.

And not just ours – the empty promises, bait-and-switch tactics, and political score-settling of the Christie years increased the pressure on middle-class New Jerseyans of all professions.

Sadly, our opponents, Holly Schepisi and Bob Auth, usually voted in lockstep with Chris Christie, putting loyalty to their party over the best interests of the families and communities they’re supposed to represent.

My running mate, John Birkner and I are running for Assembly because we believe the people of this district deserve better.

And we’re going to fight for you.

We’re going to fight for state and federal grant dollars to meet our local needs and improve our communities,

We’re going to fight to get our fair share of funding back from Trenton: To fix our roads and transportation infrastructure, support our local schools, invest in our first responders, and stabilize our local property taxes.

We’re going to fight for senior citizens by working to expand the Homestead tax credit and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

We’re going to fight for the safety and security of our families – whether that’s common-sense gun safety rules that make our children safer, funding to confront the opioid epidemic and help those struggling with addiction, making sure women have access to the full range of healthcare they need or making sure the water that flows into our homes, schools, and businesses is safe to drink and our air is safe to breathe.

We know the only way to get things done is to bring people together, to reach across the aisle, find common ground, and prize results over scoring political points.

I served and protected the people of Mahwah with honor and distinction for almost 30 years and today I’m asking for your vote so I can continue to serve and protect all the hard-working families of the 39th District.