Gary Schaer





Hometown: Passaic, NJ

Occupation: Legislator

Top 3 Issues: Lead remediation; student debt; criminal justice reform

Free-time activity: Being a full-time legislator, I find myself dedicating 12, 14, 16 hours a day, six days a week, to doing it. So there’s not a lot of free time, but when my wife and my schedules correspond, which is rare – she’s a teacher, she’s getting her doctorate at Montclair, and I’m running around trying to serve people both in my district as well as in my home city of Passaic – it’s the time to just chill out, watch television, see some videos, be with the grandchildren. Sometimes with the children too, definitely with the grandchildren.”

Social Media: Facebook

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My name is Gary Schaer and I am running for reelection in the 36th Legislative District, which includes Bergen and Passaic counties. I have always understood the role of an assembly member in two parts, first constituent services, and second, writing legislation to benefit our district and the entire state of New Jersey.

Over the past year, my legislative office has assisted over 900 direct inquiries from people like you, your family and neighbors, trying to better understand all that the state of New Jersey offers. We have attended numerous events, reached out to our elected leaders and visited every community in our district in order to better understand the needs and concerns of our constituents.

The second part of our responsibility is to develop legislation to assist our district and the state as a whole. For more information on the bills which I have sponsored or cosponsored please visit

As communities across the country struggle to meet the demands of the lead crisis, I have been fighting to make NJ a leader in lead prevention. This past year I introduced a piece of legislation, which aim to attack the issue of lead poisoning in water to service lines, which deleteriously affects the welfare of our children.

Advocating for our children has always been a priority. Every student; regardless of the school which they attend should feel secured and safe in the classroom. For the fiscal year 2020, I sponsored legislation that doubles nonpublic security aid from 11.3 million dollars to 22.6 million dollars, so that all 150,000 children in private and parochial schools can feel safe in their school.

College loan debt remains a long term, if not lifelong, struggle. This past year I sponsored a bill establishing an office of student loan Ombudsman, which will provide essential services for student loan borrowers to better understand their rights. I also sponsored legislation to alleviate the burden for borrowers who are struggling to repay their loans.

I will continue to work towards making college affordable and accessible for all of my constituents, including DREAMERS. Towards that end, I introduced legislation to extend state financial aid to newly arrived immigrants, making college education a reality.

Our time today is short. I invite you to call my office at 973-249-3665 to learn more about what we are doing. I have served in the legislature since 2006. I am proud of my accomplishments and I believe I have the commitment, vision and practical knowledge to best serve the people of the 36th district. I am running for NJ Assembly in November, and I humbly and respectfully ask for your support.