Eric Houghtaling





Hometown: Neptune, NJ

Occupation: Electrician, Retired

Top 3 Issues: Reforms that make it easier for towns to reduce government spending; passage of common-sense gun safety laws to keep our families safe; increasing awareness of cost-saving programs like the Senior Freeze

Free-time activity: “What I really enjoy doing – what I’ve pretty much always done – is take care of my yard, my property, my grass. It means a lot to me. Planting flowers, and actually pulling the same weeds out year-in and year-out is a very difficult process, but something that I enjoy. I also like to play the guitar, but that’s basically something that I do for myself. And three days a week for the last 25 years I’ve been going to the gym – so I enjoy that as well.”

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Hi, I’m Assemblymember Eric Houghtaling from the 11th District, I am from Neptune Township where I also grew up, graduated from high school, met my wife, and raised my family, which gradually led me to become more involved in my Community. Starting with the recreation committee, Basketball coach, Girls softball coach, little league coach, and eventually becoming the president of Little League in Neptune and then District Administrator in charge of 14 Little Leagues. Had the opportunity to run for Township Committee, was successful and became the Mayor in 2013 where I was proud to be part of a Team that rebuilt Neptune after SuperStorm Sandy.

My first job as a caddy at our local Golf Course early on was the beginning of a career of working hard, keeping myself independent and eventually leading me to a career as a Construction Electrician as a Journeyman Wireman in Local 400 IBEW, an opportunity, and career I valued.

As an Assembly Member and also a resident of this state I know property taxes are an issue, making it hard on many of our residents to make ends meet, especially seniors on a fixed income. Assemblywoman Downey and myself have fought successfully to increase the Senior Freeze to lower the tax burden for many of our Seniors and providing them a greater opportunity to stay in New Jersey - and in their homes.

I am running for Assembly again in the 11th District with Joann Downey to continue finding ways to reduce costs for New Jersey homeowners and working families. This means lowering taxes by helping Towns with shared services, cutting Red Tape that makes progress so difficult, and help to consolidate cost. I have worked to help families afford medical costs, protect seniors from high cost of care they need, and make Medicaid fairer and simpler for those who qualify for the benefits of long term care.

As a Union Electrician, I have learned two big things: you don’t get anything worthwhile without working hard to reach your goals, and without working together with others it is hard to achieve success. It has been an honor to serve the 11th District and the residents of this state more affordable for all of the hard-working families we represent. It is my continued goal to make New Jersey a better place to live and earn a decent living.

It would be my honor to earn your vote and continue serving the residents of this state and my district, in the NJ State Legislature.