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Free-time activity: “I enjoy spending time with my friends. In the summer months, I enjoy being able to go to my local municipal beach in Brick and having a local lunch. I also like to play golf. And I like to walk around my neighborhood, meeting my neighbors, and enjoying the sights and the sounds of the birds. It sounds a little corny, but I just enjoy the simple parts of my life.”

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As a life-long resident of Ocean County, I have lived most of my adult life in Brick. I have unfortunately come to see my area of the state as “the forgotten people” of New Jersey.

We hear politicians fighting over millions of dollars to bring investment and create jobs in other parts of the state, but nobody is fighting for economic investment and infrastructure for Ocean County and the 10th Legislative District.

Like many of my neighbors, I commute long hours to work because we don’t have good-paying, professional jobs closer to home.

Ocean County generates millions of dollars of New Jersey’s tourist revenues, and we pay millions in gas tax to the state, yet millions of dollars in state school aid was recently cut from our district.

These cuts in school-aid will drive down the quality of our schools while driving up our property taxes.

I think it’s time some of the money we send to Trenton comes back home to our district.

I think it’s time we had somebody speaking up and fighting for us.

We need economic investment, public transportation, and infrastructure improvement. Our district tax money needs to be invested in our local roads and bridges. we need good local jobs.

We deserve our fair share from Trenton, but we won’t get it if we don’t have a voice, if we don’t have leaders who will advocate for us.

I'm Eileen Della Volle, and I am running for state assembly in New Jersey’s 10th Legislative District because I'm ready to be a voice for Ocean County and fight for our fair share.

As a business development specialist in the design and construction industry, I advocate for small, women and minority-owned businesses to get their fair share of work in the industry. And I build partnerships between business, government, and community stakeholders, which is necessary for successful development that works for communities.

Trenton needs leaders who know how to bring people together, solve problems, and get the work done.

Sometimes people need help. my father was a disabled military veteran. He died young, leaving my mother a young widow. We needed the government safety nets that allowed me to finish my education and become successful in business. Without government help, I would not be sitting here today.

This is what a section 8 certificate looks like. This is what happens when good programs help people.

I understand the struggles of New Jersey families and how hard it is to provide a secure life for our families and our children. And it’s not getting any easier.

We need new leadership in Trenton, for the people of Ocean County and for the people of New Jersey.