Denise King





Hometown: Bedminster, NJ

Occupation: Nurse Administrator

Top 3 Issues: Healthcare; protecting the environment; transportation improvements in LD23

Free-time activity: “Right now I don’t have a lot of free time because of the campaign, but I love to be with my family. I have six grandchildren. I am an avid dog lover, so I walk every day – morning and evening – with my dog.”

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I am Denise King, I am running for State Assembly because of my children, Grandchildren, and Nieces and nephews. I want them to know a New Jersey and a USA that I grew up in; a place that is free of bias, bigotry, and sexism. I want to help protect New Jersey from the current federal influence. I am an Ivy League graduate, attended University of PA School of Nursing on a full scholarship, and have given back for all of my career. I started my career in ICU, in a community hospital on 11-7, in Vineland, New Jersey, bringing many people back to life without ever having a doctor present. Then went into the special needs field and have worked to make lives better for people with special needs in institutional settings in New Jersey facilities (Vineland Developmental Center and Woodbine Developmental Center) as well as in Kentucky and Virginia. The key aspects of my platform are:

Maintaining Healthcare for all with choice of private insurance or state-subsidized, and assuring pre-existing illnesses must be covered;

Environmental protections with assuring water protection and green development. I am promoting Governor Murphy’s Goal for Carbon Neutral by 2050 with offshore wind projects; rejoining Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative for decreased fossil fuel emissions; Upholding the Paris Accord; and to Sustain the Federal Tax credits for Solar projects at 30% for the taxpayer, which is due to end at the end of this year.

Transportation improvements are also needed in the Hunterdon, Warren, and Somerset counties that I would be representing.

School safety with improved gun controls. How many people need to die before we get rid of automatic weapons for the civilians?

Healthcare is a major piece of my campaign since that is my background. If the Affordable Care Act is abolished, there will be 21 million people losing their healthcare in the United States.11.4 million of these gain their Medicaid coverage through federal subsidies. This will diminish the efforts we are making in the treatment of opioid addiction since these funds assist the methadone clinics that serve people with that addiction.

The current incumbents have made no changes in the infrastructure in our LD region, which includes 35 municipalities; thus it is time for a change. King and Trofimov, my running mate, will hold town meetings regularly to assess the needs of the area; to assure we are maintaining the bucolic setting, while offering young families and businesses an area to grow and prosper. We look for your vote in November for King and Trofimov, state assembly, LD23.