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Free-time activity: Because I have such a busy schedule, I like to be with my wife and daughter, who is the job of my life. That’s the time I think it’s best spent when I’m away from the hustle and bustle of work.”

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Hello, I’m Dan Solomon Smith and I’m running to be your Assemblyman for the 24th Legislative District.

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the second son of a United Auto Worker and a hospital clerk. My parents taught me that handwork, advocacy, and family are the foundations of a strong character.

These values stuck with me throughout college, law and graduate schools; where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Juris Doctorate and Masters of Law degree with honors respectively.

Serving as a municipal court judge, library attorney, public defender, and nonprofit general counsel, I have always worked for the people.

I have dedicated my career to issues such as better education, business growth, and property tax relief. As a former Trustee of the Warren County College Foundation, I helped raise funds to support educational programs.

When I moved to Mount Olive, 16 years ago, I wanted more space, lower taxes, and a cleaner environment for my wife and daughter to live in. As a fellow citizen, husband and father, my dreams, ideals, and values are no different than your own.

Whether you consider yourself financially stable or not, everyone wants a leader that hears their stories and considers the people they represent when voting or establishing legislation.

We will fight for your rights because we believe in the constitution. We will fight to require developers to use local businesses and laborers to create jobs. We will fight to protect our environment to maintain our green spaces, lakes, and farmlands.

Together we can reduce taxes, create jobs, and protect the 24th Legislative District from overdevelopment.

It’s time for everyone from the 24th Legislative District to have a voice in Trenton.

I ask that you vote for me, Dan Solomon Smith, on November 5th.

People before party.