Christopher DePhillips





Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Occupation: Attorney

Top 3 Issues: Make NJ more affordable; promote a better business climate; invest in regional infrastructure

Free-time activity: “I love to jog, I love to run long distances. It’s a time when I can actually achieve calm, and relaxation. I normally run 4 or 5 miles. I particularly like running in very hot or humid weather. It sounds a little crazy but it’s basically the time when I can experience the best physical fitness that I can achieve.”

Social Media: Facebook

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I am Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips, and I am running for re-election to the New Jersey State Assembly from the 40th Legislative District. I am running for re-election for several reasons.

First and foremost, our state is experiencing an affordability crisis that is threatening our future. We are seeing families and businesses leave New Jersey due to high taxes, a burdensome cost of living, and a hostile business climate. Trenton must bring down the high cost of living in New Jersey by capping state spending, cutting taxes, and by eliminating the punishing corporate business taxes that the Legislature enacted in last year's budget. I have introduced legislation to do just that.

Secondly, the Legislature needs to continue enacting reasonable tax credits to incentivize businesses and innovation jobs to stay right here in New Jersey. The Governor recently signed a bipartisan bill that I sponsored to increase the angel investor tax credit. This legislation will encourage innovators to invest in New Jersey, instead of competing states, and inject much-needed venture capital into our state economy to create the jobs of the future. This type of strategic business planning is essential for our state to survive.

Third, we need to invest in our regional economy by modernizing and making necessary safety upgrades to our transportation infrastructure by dramatically improving the customer experience at New Jersey Transit, and by making New Jersey the nation's leader and foremost hub in science, innovation, higher education, and technology.

In conclusion, I am running for re-election because New Jersey is at a crossroads and unfortunately headed for financial disaster. We need to cap state spending, cut programs that don't work, cut taxes, deal with our pension crisis, make our state more business-friendly, and invest in our innovation and transportation economies. We need to leave our state to the next generation in a more secure financial position than it is now.

By doing all of this, our children and grandchildren will continue to call New Jersey home, our seniors won't continue to look to other states to retire, and our job creators won't continue to be scared out of our state.

Thank you.