Christine Clarke





Hometown: Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Occupation: Environmental Advocate

Top 3 Issues: Advancing renewable energy jobs; protecting clean air and clean water; improving healthcare

Free-time activity: “I’m not sure – with running for office – that I have much free time. I have four beautiful children – they’re 15, 13, 5, and 3 – and they certainly do keep me busy. They’ve been part of this race just like they’ve been part of my activism. The kids have done everything from play on the front lawn of Congress during Mom’s Clean Air Force press conferences, to come down to the State House in Trenton with me, and lobby for clean energy policies. They’ve been outside at protests, they’ve been part of our story.”

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Hi! My name is Christine Clarke. I'm an environmental advocate, a grassroots organizer and a mother-of-four running for State Assembly on a platform of addressing climate change, advancing renewable energy jobs, protecting our clean air and water, protecting healthcare and, broadly, legislating with empathy and fiscal responsibility.

I am a Climate Reality Leader and an Honorary Adviser to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY associated with the United Nations. I am a steering committee member of the Jersey Renews coalition, the NJ March for Science, and the NJ People's Climate Movement. I am chair of the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee, the former Environmental Director at Action Together New Jersey and was an early organizer with NJ 11th For Change. I created Action Together New Jersey's #ClimateVoter video series and organized grassroots calls to action, free public educational forums and live-streamed events bringing people together around renewable energy and environmental conservation. I also served on the Environment and Science Council during our Senator's re-election campaign and my house was a staging location for the Mikie Sherrill campaign.

I am challenging incumbents who voted against and abstained from voting on the Clean Energy Act, which is personal to me as the mother of a child with asthma who can't face a future with water scarcity and more high ozone days. The New Jersey Sierra Club has accurately labeled my opponents "environmentally hostile." They are also the primary sponsor and cosponsor to bill A5287 to rescind women's full healthcare rights like we're seeing in other states.

We need smart, timely strategies to cut our emissions and transfer to renewable energy sources while protecting jobs and lifting up workers. I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and work hard in Trenton to advance those goals while offering my constituents the change in leadership of a patient ear and an open door. I believe in accessible, reasonable representation and have walked the talk as an advocate, working hard to advance good policies and good representation; now I am looking to bring that energy to the New Jersey Assembly in service of future constituents.

At the time of this message, I'm endorsed by the New Jersey Sierra Club, by the NJ AFL-CIO, by the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, by the Center for Biological Diversity, by Action Together New Jersey, SOMA Action, Our Revolution Essex County and the Democratic Party in all three counties I'll represent. I've also received the Moms Demand Gun Sense Candidate distinction for my commitment to keeping our communities safe from violence.

If you agree with working together in a bipartisan manner for a cleaner, safer, healthier New Jersey please visit and click the donate button, where you can see a video of my recent address to the United Nations NGO Committee on Sustainable Development. If you have any questions reach out anytime to Thanks for your time and support! See you on the campaign trail!