Carol Murphy





Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ

Occupation: Legislator

Top 3 Issues: Grow our economy; lower tax burden; fight for transportation projects

Free-time activity:I love photography. I’m always taking pictures around the state, vacation, things of that nature. I’m a big TV buff. I love to watch old-time movies and TV, and I enjoy being at home and being a homebody on my days off, and days where I have to work from home. I love to sit outside and be able to do my work. So I’m basically a homebody. A lot of cooking, and a lot of watching TV, and a lot of socializing with my neighbors – that’s one of the biggest things I like to do.”

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Hi, I’m Carol Murphy and it is an honor to represent Burlington County as your State Assemblywoman. As the daughter of a United States Army Bronze Star Veteran, my father instilled the value of public service in me at an early age. Those lessons drive me to make a difference.

Prior to running for a seat in the General Assembly, I had the opportunity to serve the public at Schools Development Authority by working to build and modernize public schools; and, on a senior staff level working with state lawmakers, I worked to pass a groundbreaking law that restricts firearms from getting into the hands of domestic violence abusers.

Because of these experiences, I was inspired to serve in the state legislature, and when elected to the New Jersey General Assembly, I took this unique opportunity to make a difference to heart, and wake up every day committed to work for you.

In my first term, I’m proud to have fought for new laws that address pay equality, women’s healthcare, gun violence reform, election reform, government transparency, veterans assistance, tax relief, and affordability.

I currently serve on the Budget Committee, Financial Institution and Banking Committee and as Vice-Chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee.

I believe a critical role as your Assemblywoman is being responsive to our community needs. For example, working with students and faculty from Burlington City High School, we passed Antwan’s Law to reduce the speed limit on a portion of Route 130 after the death of Antwan Timbers. And, when leading home healthcare providers expressed concern about parking struggles restricting patient care, together we passed a new law to provide healthcare workers with parking placards, a common-sense solution to a long-term problem.

As I look forward, I’m working to grow our economy, lower our tax burden, help the disabled community, and fight for transportation projects because South Jersey deserves its fair share. Mass transit solutions should not be limited to the bedroom communities of Manhattan. New Jersey Transit must include South Jersey, and together we will shift the paradigm.

It is truly an honor and privilege to represent you at the State Capitol and in our communities. I humbly ask for your vote and promise to continue working tirelessly to make you proud as your Assemblywoman.

Thank you.