Bina Shah





Hometown: East Windsor, NJ

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Top 3 Issues: Reduction in property taxes; improvement infrastructure; safe drinking water

Free-time activity: “Reading and painting are the biggest two things I always do. I read almost three newspapers a day: Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Trenton Times, and Star-Ledger. I always read a lot. I get more information through the newspapers [than through the internet]. When it’s my leisure time I love to paint – portrait painting.”

Social Media: Twitter

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Hello everyone,

My name is Bina Shah, I am running for the State Assembly to represent Legislative District 14 as a Republican. LD 14 includes Cranbury, Jamesburg, Monroe, Plainsboro, Spotswood, East Windsor, Hamilton, Hightstown, and Robbinsville.

Professionally, I own and operate small Real Estate Brokerage Firm. I have worked with municipalities on developing four major projects including Robbinsville Temple. Those major developments brought numerous jobs to the residents of our community, tremendous amounts of utilities account and property taxes to the township. I will continue to use my experience spearheading similar projects to bring new leadership and forward-thinking to New Jersey’s infrastructure. I am capable to push promote projects that fix roads, bridges and make sure our kids have safe drinking water.

As a Real Estate broker, I intimately understand the property tax crisis that we all face. We must address this issue now. As we can reside in New Jersey but certainly cannot retire in New Jersey. I will work to pass much-needed reforms to curb runaway property taxes and make it all easier for the residents of our community to live, raise a family and retire in New Jersey.
I am an Immigrant comes from very highly educated family from Mumbai, financial district of India. I know the value of education and hard work. My professional background in finance and development along with my ability to overcome the personal challenges that all new residents face, form a strong foundation that will help very effectively to advocate for all of us

My proven track records are an indication that I am the best choice we have today.

I can be reached at (732) 742 7430 and

Thank you and God bless all.