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Hello! My name is Bharat Rana and I am running for New Jersey State General Assembly District 34 which includes the towns of East Orange, Orange, Montclair and my hometown, Clifton. I was born in India and Migrated to the United States in 1979. I have been married for last 39 years, have two grown-up children, born and raised here in New Jersey. I have a Master's Degree in History and Political Science from South Gujarat University, India.

While serving on the Passaic Board of Education, I was a Committee Chair for School Safety and a member of the Education Committee. I also served as a Commissioner on the Housing Authority for the City of Passaic.

As an educator in the Passaic School District, education is very important to me. I believe the State of New Jersey must fully fund the Public Schools according to school funding laws.

Quality of life issues are very important to me. I oppose the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The opioid addiction crisis is at a critical point in our State and we must decide what message we want to send to our young people who would look at legalization as a form of approval for drug use.

I support the new law sponsored by Assemblyman Rooney that requires opioid medications to include a sticker, warning patients of the danger of addiction and overdose. We need to bring together healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and community groups to guarantee that there is an ample education and support by the state. This will be accomplished through systematic education and support.

As a fiscal conservative, I endorse and vote to fully fund the Senior Tax Freeze and would support legislation to mandate that it’s full funding every year. I would extend the Tax freeze to combat Veterans to guarantee that they could afford their homes after serving our country. I oppose the millionaire's tax until all efforts have been made to limit the cost of New Jersey Government.

In closing, our President has said that "America is the greatest nation on the planet. Let us all decide and commit that we will not allow any internal or external forces to ruin its greatness”.

I ask for your support in the General election on Tuesday, November 5th.

I am Bharat Rana, Candidate for New Jersey State Assembly, District 34.

God Bless you all and God Bless America.

Thank you.