Barbara Singer





Hometown: Holmdel, NJ

Occupation: Attorney

Top 3 Issues: State finances; the environment; quality of life

Free-time activity: “I love doing outdoor activities – I have three children who all have different activities – they enjoy the outdoors. New Jersey really has something for everyone, whether it’s outdoor activities on land or in the water, you can always find something to do here.”

Social Media: Facebook

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I am Barbara Singer and I am seeking a seat in Assembly District 13. We need representatives who make common-sense decisions and find common-sense solutions. As an attorney in NY and NJ since 1995, my professional skills form a strong basis for the work of the Assembly. In my profession, I am accustomed to representing people and in my free time, I am a community activist which naturally aligns with the work of a representative. In my hometown of Holmdel, I have been a voice on major issues, many of which are also county and state issues, such as affordable housing, land development, land preservation, and spending.

An ability to collaborate with people is necessary to achieving your goals and getting your bills passed in the Assembly. District 13 needs new representatives who understand these basics and can be productive in the Assembly on behalf of their district as well as being productive contributors to the running of the State of NJ.

We have initiatives to pursue in the shared services area requiring common-sense decision making. Savings must and can be found while ensuring services don’t suffer. We still have pension and healthcare concerns. I believe we must stand by our contracts and find new approaches to future agreements that ensure financial stability. We have the off-shore drilling issue that will keep coming around and can negatively affect our environment and the tourism industry which is vital to so many of our shore communities.

With respect to our shoreline, my running mate Allison Friedman and I stood up with Clean Ocean Action in speaking out against the NESE gas pipeline that was proposed to run through the Raritan Bay in order to supply gas to residents of Long Island, NY. As it turned out, the New Yorkers were not in favor of this project and were also fighting it. No need was shown for the project. It was simply a moneymaker for the entities developing it and would be done at a high cost to the environment, the fishermen and the towns that rely on tourism. Again, common sense decisions need to be made.

I have also spoken out against unnecessary projects by our local gas company as well as by our electric company. The lack of need for the electric company project along with it’s negative environmental impacts, loss of property values and actual loss of property to some of the affected homeowners, left no reasonable ground to support it. While it may seem daunting to fight these large utilities and the unnecessary projects, I have no problem delving into the details in order to find the common-sense conclusions.

In the last few months, I’ve met with local organizations and have rung many doorbells in order to reach out to the residents. It is imperative that they know their representatives. I believe a representative should make themselves available to the people in their district in order to ensure that we move forward in ways that best serve as many as possible.

I would love to bring my strengths as someone who is used to being the voice of people, to the Assembly as your representative and so would appreciate your vote for me, Barbara Singer, as well as for my running mate Allison Friedman. We are real people who want to bring you real results.