Annette Chaparro





Hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Occupation: Assemblywoman

Top 3 Issues: Mental health; pedestrian safety; senior services

Favorite thing about NJ: “Growing up in Hoboken – it’s a perfect example. I remember growing up there, you said ‘I’m from Hoboken.” You mumbled it. Now, you’re like ‘I’m from Hoboken!’ It was factories, we had Latinos, Italian, Irish, German – everybody. It was just a big melting pot. And no matter which way you went, everyone was just welcoming.”

Social Media: Twitter

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Hello, my name is Annette Chaparro and I’m running for re-election in New Jersey’s 33rd District to serve as a member of the General Assembly. The 33rd is a diverse, vibrant district made up of Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken, and parts of Jersey City. As a lifelong resident of Hoboken, it has been a dream come true to represent my district in Trenton.

I grew up in the Hoboken Housing Authority and attended Hoboken High School, which I think as an elected official provides me with a unique connection to my community because I know the struggles of everyday people in New Jersey. When people think of Hoboken and Hudson County, you have to remind them that it’s not all luxury high rises and expensive restaurants. There’s work to be done and people that need a voice in Trenton that aren’t represented.

I support plans for the ultra-wealthy to start paying their fair share of taxes in the form of a millionaire’s tax and would be happy to discuss this should it emerge again. This will allow for tax relief for the middle class.

I believe I am the progressive voice that my district needs, and I say that not only because of who supports me, but also because of who opposes me.

My voting record has received high markets from organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU of New Jersey, and the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, and low marks from groups like the NRA.

Road safety and the ability for drivers of all vehicles and pedestrians to share the roads is also important to me. I was honored as the 2018 New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition Advocate of the Year for my bill to update the current drivers education curriculum to include information about sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, and others.

My mission since I was elected was and remains to meet with as many constituents as possible to always have my finger on the pulse of the 33rdDistrict, and then introduce legislation that addresses those needs. That will not change going forward, and I look forward to meeting with even more of my constituents, no matter what side of the political aisle they fall on, to see how my office can best help.

While I won’t go through every bill I’ve worked on, I just want to say I believe we are on the cusp of change in New Jersey. I’m proud that we are a welcoming place to all. I’m proud of the Murphy Administration’s ability to fight injustice in court when they see policies from Washington that don’t fit with our values. I hope to be there for another term to help lead the charge and get some great policy ideas across the finish line to help strengthen all New Jerseyans.