Andrew Zwicker





Hometown: Englewood, NJ

Occupation: Head of Communications and Public Outreach at Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Lab

Top 3 Issues: Job creation/innovation economy; environmental protection; voter rights/election security

Free-time activity: “I’m really good at falling off my surfboard. I like to play soccer, spend time with my family, my children, go out to eat, go for walks with my wife and my dog.”

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Hello, my name is Andrew Zwicker. I have been, since 2016, one of the current assembly members in the 16th district, which covers parts of, Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset and Hunterdon counties, When I am not representing you in Trenton, I am working as a scientist at Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Lab, where we are trying to create a new form of energy that is clean, safe, and unlimited. I am proud to be the only scientist in the New Jersey Legislature and I work hard every day to use my science background in order to make decisions based upon evidence and not ideology or partisan politics.

Whether you were born and raised here or came from elsewhere, we all want the same things: We want to live in a community that thrives. With good schools, jobs with good pay. A clean, healthy environment. State of the art transportation.

All the things that over the years made this a great state to raise a family, start a business, and build a future for our children. But as I travel around the 16th District and around our state, what I hear is that people are concerned about New Jersey, concerned about the cost of living, and concerned about the future. Folks want their children to settle nearby and their parents to remain in their homes but that’s becoming increasingly difficult. New Jersey is growing less affordable, and the state’s economy isn’t offering the opportunity it used to. Sometimes, it seems like the state we call home is just falling apart. Our roads and bridges desperately need repair. The trains don’t run on time — when they run at all.

Property taxes remain too high the state owes billions to our pension systems, we still aren’t fully funding our outstanding public schools and too many students find NJ’s great universities too expensive. What are we supposed to do?

First, we nurture innovative startups under an economic development strategy that recognizes small businesses are the backbone of New Jersey economy. Over 85% of the jobs created in New Jersey over the past 20 years were at businesses that already were here. The secret isn’t to get into bidding wars with other states to lure business across the border, it’s to grow the next great business right here in NJ.

Second, we must protect our environment, not just for today, but for our children and grandchildren. I’m proud to use my background in science to ensure that NJ never stops working to ensure that our air, our water, and our land is clean and safe.

Third, we must ensure that we keep seniors can stay in New Jersey for as long as they want. This means keeping taxes in check on those that have a fixed income, and not adding to the stress of living here in New Jersey. Expanding eligibility to the senior freeze and allowing tax write-offs for home care are two critically important initiatives I was proud to support. Providing resources to help keep rising costs at bay so that our seniors can continue to live in the state that they call home has been a top priority for my running mate and I in the state legislature.

Finally, we must protect our democracy. I am proud to have written the law that has created one of the strongest “Dark Money” bills in the nation, so we can see who is trying to influence our elections with big campaign donations. I’m the author of the legislation to upgrade our voting machines so you have a paper ballot to verify that how you vote is recorded properly.

Representing you in the Legislature is an honor. Now, I ask you to send me back so we can continue the job of building a New Jersey that endures.