Allison Friedman





Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ

Occupation: Attorney

Top 3 Issues: Education: Quality, safety, cost

Free-time activity: “I would like to sleep in my free time – that would be wonderful – I don’t have a lot of it. But if it’s sunny, I want to make sure I’m outdoors. I love to hike, I love Bushkill Falls. My town is doing a kayak tour – those are the kinds of things I enjoy doing, which are outside. But I also like some of the educational opportunities – whether it’s a lecture that Rutgers is offering, or something at Two Rivers program is putting on in Red Bank, I like to do stuff. I like to make sure that I’m enjoying and making the most out of every moment I have.”

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My name is Allison Friedman and I am running for State Assembly in Legislative District 13. I moved to Aberdeen 20 years ago and that is where my husband and I are raising our two children. Currently, I am serving in my second term as a member of Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District Board of Education. I currently sit as President of the Board.

I am running because I believe that our government is for the people, therefore it must be by the people. As an attorney, I have spent my entire career advocating for people, for their freedom, dignity, and rights. I truly respect the collaborative process the legislature is supposed to be and believe I have the skills and passion needed to do the job well.

To get results you need to see beyond party, speak to those you represent, you must listen to the people you represent, hear the people you represent only then will the people you represent have a voice.

To that end Barbara Singer and I have been knocking on doors every chance we get, stopping people on the street and attending community meetings and events because the people are central to why we run.

School funding and equalization aid has improved but the problem has not been solved. Responsible regionalization and reforming funding of special education will help spread equity among districts and students and is a goal I will work towards.

I am a supporter of consolidation of municipal services because it makes sense as a way to address the problem of property taxes. Any consolation, however, has to be done with respect to the towns’ uniqueness and respect to the services being combined.

Everyone in New Jersey has seen small business go under and main streets remain empty. This has to change. The State must begin to stand behind small business and provide a streamlined process for the entrepreneurs and incentives encouraging those entrepreneurs to set roots in our State and help them survive and flourish.

Living on the Bayshore, living through the damage of Sandy we must not take our environment for granted. We are seeing whales in the Bay, waterfronts like Keyport are thriving, beautiful family areas like the park and sea wall in Cliffwood Beach are used on a daily basis. This must be protected and we must allow it to continue to grow.

Public service whether it is as a school board, zoning board member, has been something I am devoted to. I hope to continue my service as an Assemblywoman of Legislative District 13.