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April 7, 2017
Chronic absenteeism remains a problem at too many schools, but faculty earn an A for attendance
March 31, 2017
Pay for unused absences was capped at $15,000 in 2010, but public employees hired before that at school districts, towns, and counties across the state can still rack up six-figure payouts
March 24, 2017
New Jerseyans have been hard hit by floods over the past four decades, receiving almost $6 billion in NFIP payments
March 10, 2017
New Jersey residents benefited greatly from Obamacare Medicaid expansion. If the program is rolled back, men, women, and children in every county will be affected
February 24, 2017
New government data is sobering: The state has the highest rates nationally for diabetes and heart failure; second-highest rates for cancer and stroke, among other maladies
February 10, 2017
At 9.1 percent, New Jersey’s default rate is 11th in the country, particularly good news given that students tend to carry a heavy debt burden
January 27, 2017
Over the past six years, property taxes have climbed by as much as 35 percent, but some communities have seen average bills remain stable or even declined
January 20, 2017
The latest report on ALICE— Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — reveals 37 percent of households can’t eke out a survival budget
January 13, 2017
While improvement holds for all races and ethnic groups, rates vary between schools from 100 percent to less than 30 percent
January 6, 2017
NJ roads became safer from 1990s to 2013, but then deaths began rising again
December 16, 2016
The loss of high-paying factory jobs and state tax policy have contributed to growing inequality, experts say
December 9, 2016
Most recent U.S. Census data makes clear the pain that most homeowners are feeling as they wait for valuations to climb back to pre-2010 levels
December 2, 2016
Diversity may be the order of the day in New Jersey, but most whites, blacks, and Hispanics continue to live in suburban enclaves and urban ghettos
November 18, 2016
The results are preliminary, the uptick is very modest, but at least the recent trend of lower turnouts was arrested
November 4, 2016
While results released this week show improvement overall, most of the state’s high-school students failed to attain passing grades
October 28, 2016
Services in New Jersey for people seeking help with drug abuse can’t keep up with demand, largely because of heroin and opiate crisis
October 21, 2016
Advocates urge schools to shift to serving meals after the start of school day
October 14, 2016
Poverty is a statewide problem, but almost half of NJ’s poor are living in urban centers
October 7, 2016
Former secretary of state has more donors and bigger contributions, adding up to six times the total for her Garden State campaign war chest
September 30, 2016
Most of the money goes to staff salaries, but many spend heavily on mail to constituents in an election year
September 23, 2016
Last year, almost nine of 10 of those eligible were registered, but fewer than two in 10 made it to the polls
September 16, 2016
Nine in 10 residents now are covered. That’s better than the national figure, but it’s unclear what changes in the marketplace might do
September 9, 2016
Staff in regional high school and vocational districts receive highest salaries, while those working in charter schools tend to receive lowest
August 12, 2016
It may seem counterintuitive, but Ivy League Princeton University had the smallest percentage of students in debt and lowest amount of loans, $8,577 per borrower
August 5, 2016
Industry, required to report payments under Affordable Care Act, also gave almost $3M to hospitals in 2015
July 29, 2016
Plummeting property values in Atlantic City, Paterson help push statewide trend into the negative column
July 22, 2016
Lingering economic problems and young women delaying motherhood have been suggested as reasons for the decline in the number of children
July 15, 2016
Beware driving during the ‘100 deadliest days’ of summer
July 8, 2016
State suffers from unhealthy levels of ozone, American Lung Association reports, but air quality overall is slowly improving
July 1, 2016
More than $100,000 separates the wealthiest families with children from the poorest
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