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Katz on Christie

A regular blog that keeps tabs on the activities and fortunes of our renowned Governor, Chris Christie.
Bridgegate Hidden Evidence: Christie's Texts, Cell Phone...And Now, Personal Emails
Matt Katz | June 29, 2016

This is what is missing from the federal investigation into Bridgegate:

The cell phone in Gov. Chris Christie's pocket during the 2013 George Washington lane closures.

Text messages the governor sent and received during the ensuing legislative investigation.

And now, according to new court filings, a personal email account he used as the scandal enveloped his administration.

None of this evidence was provided to federal criminal investigators probing the Bridgegate scandal, according to court documents.

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Trump-Inspired Anti-Semitism Prompts Fear, Police Reports...and a Gun Purchase
Matt Katz | June 28, 2016

I arrived at naptime at Bethany Mandel’s 2nd floor apartment in Central New Jersey. Evidence of her two children under 3 -- toys, toys and more toys -- was everywhere. She's a full-time mom and writer who works from home. And so amid the kiddie detritus is her laptop, open, on the couch.

But that’s not what I came to see.

"Can I see the gun?" I asked.

"Sure. I have to go get it."

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Christie Aide Politicking While Working on Taxpayers' Dime
Matt Katz | June 22, 2016

While collecting a taxpayer-funded salary, a top aide to Gov. Chris Christie discussed rewards for those who endorsed the governor's 2013 reelection, WNYC has learned.

Three newly revealed emails indicate that Bill Stepien, Christie's $140,000-a-year deputy chief of staff, strategized with the governor about landing endorsements for his reelection. The emails were sent in early to mid-April in 2013; the state Treasury Department told WNYC on Wednesday that Bill Stepien's last day was after that, on April 26. From there, Stepien became Christie's reelection campaign manager.

The governor's office had previously [link:|refused to say] when Stepien left the government payroll.

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Days After Rest of Country, Christie Finally Orders Flags Lowered To Honor the Dead in Orlando

Following President Obama's order Sunday to lower flags on federal property to honor the victims of the Orlando massacre, governors in almost every state followed suit, mandating that flags in each state be similarly placed at half-staff.

But not in New Jersey. Gov. Christie did not issue an order to lower flags until Thursday morning, 18 hours after being asked about it by WNYC.

Repeated emails to Christie's spokesmen about the delay in the order -- and whether WNYC's questions prompted the reversal -- went unanswered. 

This is not Christie's first flag controversy.

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Where In The World Is Chris Christie's Cell Phone?

Gov. Chris Christie's cell phone, text messages and emails are missing or have been destroyed, Bridgegate defendants allege in a pair of explosive briefs filed late Monday in federal court in New Jersey. They say Christie's taxpayer-funded lawyers are hiding information about his knowledge of the politically motivated 2013 lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

"President Nixon’s tapes were not immune from a subpoena," wrote Michael Baldassare, the attorney for defendant Bill Baroni, in his brief. "Neither is Governor Christie’s phone."

The defense lawyers appear set for the long haul, as Judge Susan Wigenton on Tuesday rejected their motion to dismiss the case, affirming prosecutors have the basis to move forward on their seven count indictment.

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