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Katz on Christie

A regular blog that keeps tabs on the activities and fortunes of our renowned Governor, Chris Christie.
WNYC@RNC: Donald Trump's Big (Long) Speech
Matt Katz | July 22, 2016

Donald Trump officially accepted his party's nomination to become the 45th president of the United States with a grim speech that focused on crises and violence around the globe but offered few policies he would enact.  Listen to WNYC political reporters Matt Katz and Andrea Bernstein break it down in three minutes. 

Here's a Twitter summary of the night (to compliment sights and sounds from earlier in the day):

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RNC Thursday: Driving Up the Ratings of The Unconventional Convention
Matt Katz | July 21, 2016

It had been a relatively sleepy convention until Senator Ted Cruz's speech amped everything up to 11. Juan Manuel Benítez, NY1 Noticias reporter and host of Pura Politica, and Matt Katz, WNYC reporter and the creator of  The Christie Tracker and the author of American Governor: Chris Christie's Bridge to Redemption (Threshold Editions, 2016), join us from the convention center.

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WNYC@RNC: Ted Cruz Gets GOP Love, Then Booed off Convention Floor
Matt Katz | July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz stole the show on Day 3 of the Republican National Convention when he gave a speech that seemed to suggest his party should not vote for Donald Trump. Listen to WNYC's Matt Katz and Lee Hill break down the drama inside the convention hall and break down Trump's WWE move to walk onto the convention floor and disrupt the Cruz speech. 

And here's a Twitter summary of the night (to compliment our earlier summary of what happened during the day):

WNYC@RNC: Our Take on Day Two of the Republican National Convention
Matt Katz | July 20, 2016

Chris Christie prosecutes Hillary Clinton and the Republican National Convention crowd is happy to play judge and jury.  Overall, the crowd was thin, and mostly quiet. Listen to our quick take at the end of the second night.

Also, here's a Twitter summary of Day Two:

WNYC@RNC: Our Take on Day 1 of the Republican Convention
Matt Katz | July 19, 2016

A stirring open of the national anthem gave way to attacks on Hillary Clinton and illegal immigrants during the first night of the Republican National Convention.  After more than two hours, Donald Trump walked onto the stage and introduced his wife, Melania ...

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