Patricia Quattrocchi





Hometown: Clark, NJ

Occupation: Retired Executive Search Consultant

Top 3 Issues: Sensible spending of tax dollars; medical decisions made between doctor and patient, not insurance company; halting court-mandated building projects/overdevelopment

Free-time activity: “One of the things my husband and I do is – he has a classic car – and we make the rounds to all the car shows every weekend. That’s fun. It gives me the opportunity to relax, and read, and just socialize with people – to get out there and talk to them about everything.”

Social Media: Facebook

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My name is Patricia Quattrocchi and I am pursuing a seat in the NJ General Assembly representing District 22. The district takes in seven UC municipalities and two each in Somerset and Middlesex counties. Born, raised and still residing in Union County I am married and the mother of seven children. I am the former mayor of Garwood, President, and Secretary of Lions Int’l as well as a zone chair. I was also the leader of a central UC Domestic Violence Response Team serving five municipalities.

NJ's residents are sorely underrepresented in Washington with two US Senators who are both Democrats. We have 12 Congressional Districts in NJ and only one Republican Congressman representing the entire state. Our General Assembly has 83 members 57 Dems and only 26 GOPers and in the state Senate, there are 25 Ds and only 15 Rs. In Union and Somerset Counties there has not been a Republican Freeholder in over 20 years on either board. It is obvious that thousands of NJ residents are being taxed to death without any representation. While I am not advocating that we dump our tea into the Raritan Bay I do believe that all our current Democratic representatives haven’t seen a tax that they didn’t like and thus made NJ one of the top taxed states in the nation.

Voters should know that I signed the Americans for Tax Reform State Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to oppose and vote against any efforts to increase taxes. And while mayor I also brought in the lowest tax increase after 12 years of Democratic rule.

Further, they should also know I believe that court-mandated overdevelopment in our towns must be halted as municipalities should be able to decide where and what they will allow to be built. I believe there should be an end to Sanctuary State status and that medical treatment decisions should be between the patient and doctor and not made by the insurance company. And finally, and possibly of the most importance, there must be sensible spending of our tax dollars.

Understand that I care about your family as I care about my own and that together we can make NJ the best place to live, work and raise a family. Please consider voting for me on Nov. 5th and vote for a new day in NJ.

Thank you for your time.