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Affordable Care Act Discussion » Tell us about your personal experience signing up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Was it harder or easier than you thought it would be? What obstacles did you face? What questions are still unanswered?

March 17, 2014
First of all, I want to say that I'm so thrilled NJSpotlight has provided a forum for everyone to share their experiences and questions regarding the ACA. I have a chronic illness and it has taken a lot of work for me to find an insurance plan that allows me to keep my medical team in tact. It has been a stressful and frustrating process but the outcome has the potential to save me money and offer new benefits.

I live in NY, so the NJ system may be a bit different (I am actually curious about NJ's system, so let me know about your experience). I found that the provider search was rarely accurate. My doctors didn't accept the insurance plans the Marketplace said they did, but accepted ones that weren't mentioned in the search. This meant I had to make a multitude of phone calls and each of my doctors had to make phone calls to get the system updated.

I worried this process would create an annoyance for my doctors and the staff's that support them. But that was never the case. My doctors were impressed by the amount of homework that I had done and wanted to help in any way they could. And while I had some strange and upsetting experiences with one of the insurance companies I spoke with, I realize now that all anyone wanted to do was help. The process has kinks. But I now believe that the effort I put into it will pay off in this coming year. I wrote a more detailed analysis of my experience on my blog. If you're interested in specifics, feel free to check it out.

Please know I am so interested in hearing about everyone's experiences. If you're considering sharing your experience, please do. It might prove beneficial to someone.

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