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Affordable Care Act Discussion » What obstacles face New Jersey residents who want to enroll in health insurance? What's the key to overcoming them?

January 24, 2014
Access to easy-to-understand information explaining the Affordable Care Act is a big obstacle for many consumers. Although features some well-crafted FAQs and other information, a lot of the partisan rhetoric surrounding the health reform debate – as well as the much publicized website glitches – have hurt its credibility in the eyes of some consumers. That’s why sites like this NJ Spotlight page, and the NJ Health Care Quality Institute’s FAQ page are important (found at and linked on this page). Consumers can try to peel back some of the rhetoric and figure out how the Affordable Care Act affects them and their families. Our FAQs are New Jersey specific and address some of the issues that result from the interplay between the Marketplace and New Jersey's existing individual and small group market.
January 28, 2014
Good morning, my name is Alescia Teel and I am the New Jersey Communications Lead for the Get Covered America campaign. We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working at a grassroots level in communities across the State to bring information and resources to New Jerseyans through schools, community centers, barber shops, churches, retail stores, and more.

Through a recent survey, our organization found that the biggest deterrent to enrollment has not been the Web site, but the fear of the cost of health insurance. The good news is financial help is here! Nearly half of the 9 million Americans who have enrolled since January have received financial assistance with their health care costs. In fact, in New Jersey 79 percent of enrollees received financial help.

New Jersey residents should also be aware that trained, in-person help is available across the State for selecting the best plan that fits their budget and health needs. These professionals have received training on using the Web site and can assist residents with enrolling in the new Health Insurance Marketplace. The best part of the service? It’s free! To locate in-person help in your community check out Get Covered America’s locator tool at that will find you help in your neighborhood using your zip code.

For New Jersey residents who worry over language barriers if English is not their first language, help is here in Spanish with information on policies, local in-person help with enrolling, and plan estimates at Another great resource for New Jerseyans who speak another language is the Health and Human Services’ toll free phone number, 1-800-318-2596, where help is available day and night in 150 languages!

The deadline to enroll is March 31, 2014. If you are still considering your options for affordable, quality insurance and need more information please visit our website, or join us at a local event in your area. Our staff will ensure you get all of the information that you need to make an informed choice and enroll in a health care plan.

About Enroll America
Enroll America is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to maximize the number of uninsured Americans who enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act. Enroll America is a collaborative organization, working with partners that span the gamut of health coverage stakeholders to engage many different voices in support of an easy, accessible, and widely available enrollment process.

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