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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Number of day: 20,260
| July 21, 2010 |
The number of lawyers employed in New Jersey is 20,260, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009 report of state occupational employment and wage estimates. The average salary for Garden State attorneys is $125,560. The total pool of people working
School Monitoring System Issues Grades
John Mooney | July 21, 2010 |
QSAC’s three-year review results in hard numbers for 576 districts across the state.
Spotlight: Deputy Minority Leader of Assembly and Author
Lee Keough | July 21, 2010 |
Assemblywoman Amy Handlin is articulate enough to have just finished her second book and tough enough to survive New Jersey politics – and she has the bruises to prove it.
State Faces Challenges in Implementing Common Core Standards
John Mooney | July 21, 2010 |
Signing on was just the start. Next up for NJ: developing a matching model curriculum.
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