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February 26, 20132014 Budget Summary

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June 28, 2013Fiscal Year 2014 Budget: Recover. Rebuild. Restore.
February 26, 2013Governor's FY 2014 budget
February 26, 20132014 Budget Summary
June 29, 2012Line item veto of S2013 FY 13 budget bill
February 21, 2012Governor's FY 2013 budget
February 21, 20122013 Budget Summary
June 30, 2011Line item veto of S4000 FY12 budget bill
June 30, 20112012 Budget press release
June 30, 20112011 budget veto message
June 6, 2011Release on WNET taking over NJN
February 22, 2011Governor's FY 2012 budget
February 22, 20112012 Budget Summary
March 28, 2010Transcript of Christie's Radio Interview With WWZY's Anita Velardo
March 25, 2010Transcript of Chrisitie on Morning in America radio program with Bill Bennett
March 16, 20102011 Budget in Brief
March 11, 2010Transcript of Christie on WCBS 880 to discuss current and future budget situation and his Executive Order 17
February 11, 2010FY 2010 Budget Solutions as a Foundation for Reform
February 11, 2010School Solutions Withholding (state aid remaining payments)

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