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Background Check: The Christie Docs


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December 16, 2009Names Lt. Gov.-Elect Kim Guadagno as Secretary of State
December 15, 2009Names Paula Dow as Attorney General
June 6, 2013Appoints Republican Chiesa to US Senate

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June 29, 2015Christie Files Nominations And Direct Appointments 6/29/15
August 8, 2014Appoints pension study commission
May 21, 2014Puts two justices on the Supreme Court
August 12, 2013Nominates Fernandez-Vina to Supreme Court
June 6, 2013Appoints Republican Chiesa to US Senate
December 10, 2012Christie Selects Well-Qualified Candidates for Supreme Court with Nomination of Robert Hanna and Judge David Bauman
May 3, 2012Appoints Pension Solvency Commitees
February 9, 2012Selects Edward Dickson as Next Director of Homeland Security and Preparedness
January 30, 2012Names Acting Adjutant General Michael Cunniff and Ken Kobylowski as New Jersey’s Next Adjutant General and Commissioner of Banking and Insurance
December 12, 2011Announces Attorney General Paula Dow as First Deputy General Counsel of the Port Authority and Nominates Governor’s Office Chief Counsel Jeff Chiesa as next NJ Attorney General
November 21, 2011Announces Deputy Labor Commissioner Constable as Nominee for Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs
November 10, 2011Gov to nominate BPU President Solomon to Superior Court Judgeship
September 19, 2011Files appointments 9/19/11
August 25, 2011Files appointments 8/25/11
July 20, 2011Names Members to Both the State Health Benefits and School Employees’ Health Benefits Plan Design Committees
June 29, 2011Files appointments 6/29/11
June 21, 2011Files Judicial Nominations 6/21/11
June 13, 2011Files appointments 6/13/11
June 6, 2011Files appointments 6/6/11
May 19, 2011Files appointments 5/19/11
May 12, 2011Selects Acting Deputy Commissioner of Education Rochelle Hendricks as Secretary of Higher Education
April 29, 2011Files appointments 4/29/11
April 12, 2011Files nominations 4/12/11
April 4, 2011Names Members to the Governor’s Higher Education Council and UMDNJ Advisory Committee
March 21, 2011Files appointments 3/21/11
March 15, 2011Files direct appointments 3/15/11
March 10, 2011Files appointments 3/10/11
March 7, 2011Files direct appointments 3/7/11
February 17, 2011Files appointments 2/17/11
February 11, 2011Files Direct Appointments to State Planning Commission
February 4, 2011Files direct appointments to Police and Fire Public Interest Arbitration Impact Task Force
January 3, 2011Letter to Justice Rivera-Soto acknowleding that he does not want to be considered for reappointment to the Supreme Court of NJ
June 9, 2010Christie Announces Appointments to the Judicial Advisory Panel
May 14, 2010Names Dr. Allison Blake to lead the department of children and families
May 3, 2010Announces appointment of Anne Patterson to NJ Supreme Court
April 16, 2010Announces Withdrawal from Consideration of Dr. Rosenzweig for Commissioner of DCF
January 27, 2010Announces Key Cabinet Appointments for Health and SDA
January 25, 2010Continues to Create Strong, Experienced Team; Announces Key Cabinet Appointments for Labor and DCA
January 8, 2010Names additional Leadership Roles in the offices of the Attorney General and the Governor's Counsel
January 7, 2010Announces Schundler as Commissioner of DOE and Martin as Commissioner of DEP
December 16, 2009Names Lt. Gov.-Elect Kim Guadagno as Secretary of State
December 15, 2009Names Paula Dow as Attorney General

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