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Background Check: The Christie Docs

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November 1, 2010US DOJ Office of Inspector General report on overspending by US attorneys, including Christie
December 18, 2007Passaic city councilman Jackson pleads guilty to accepting $26,000 in bribes
November 7, 2007Businessman admits paying bribes to former Atlantic City Council President for infuence on city contracts

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November 1, 2010US DOJ Office of Inspector General report on overspending by US attorneys, including Christie
December 11, 2009111th Congress 1st Session; Bills
August 30, 2009Suggested reading
December 8, 2008Former Systems Administrator Gets 30 Months in Prison for Planting “Logic Bomb” in Company Computers
December 1, 2008Christie Says Farewell to Office He Led Since 2002; Veteran Prosecutor Ralph Marra Named Acting U.S. Attorney
December 1, 2008Former Paterson Housing Official Sentenced to 37 Months in Prison for Taking Bribes
November 24, 2008Multi-Million Dollar Home Equity Line of Credit, Identity Theft and Computer Intrusion Ring Busted
November 24, 2008Amid Trial, Former Newark Official Pleads Guilty and Admits Taking $10,000 in Bribes
November 21, 2008Former Manhattan Restaurant Operator Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison In Connection with Auto Insurance Money Laundering Scheme
November 20, 2008Former DYFS Employee Charged with Cashing Forged Refund Checks Issued in the Names of DYFS Clients
November 20, 2008Owner of Defunct Stafford Township Payroll Services Company Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement of $1.8 Million in FICA Taxes
November 18, 2008Former State Senator Wayne Bryant guilty for schemes to obtain a corrupt low-show job at UMDNJ and fraudulently pad state pension
November 17, 2008Christie resignation letter
November 14, 2008United States Attorney’s Office Report 2002-2008
November 14, 2008Former Union Business Agent Gets 30 Months in Prison and Restitution Order for Embezzling $829,000 in Union Funds
November 5, 2008Middlesex County Couple Admits Fleecing Investors of $2.5 Million
November 3, 2008Ship’s Chief Engineer Admits Presenting False Records Regarding Illegal Dumping of Oil Waste to U.S. Coast Guard
October 23, 2008Jersey City Man Pleads Guilty to String of Merchandise Shipment Thefts
October 21, 2008Three Arrested in Mortgage Fraud Scheme
October 15, 2008Former Technology Chief and CFO of N.J. Company Arrested on Indictment Charging Embezzlement
October 15, 2008East Brunswick Man Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison for Defrauding Insurance Companies of More than $2.5 million
October 15, 2008Superseding Indictment Adds Bribery and Extortion Charges Against Former Passaic Councilman Jonathan Soto
October 7, 2008Livingston Man with Extensive Criminal Fraud Record Arrested Today for Investment and Social Security Fraud
September 23, 2008Paralegal Admits Falsifying Loan Documents to Further Mortgage Fraud Scheme
September 18, 2008Developer Indicted for Allegedly Bribing Former Parsippany Planning Board Attorney
September 9, 2008Bergen County Municipal Attorney and Political Party Chairman Indicted in Scheme to Defraud Using Grants Consulting Company
August 22, 2008Government Settles Healthcare Fraud Case Against Barnegat Psychologist
August 14, 2008Former Paterson Housing Official Admits Taking Bribes
August 12, 2008Clifton Woman Arrested for $10 Million Ponzi Scheme
August 4, 2008Former Auto Body Shop Owner Sentenced to 108 Months in Prison for Auto Insurance and Bank Fraud Schemes
July 31, 2008West New York Code Enforcement Official Admits Accepting More Than $30,000 in Bribes
July 31, 2008New Jersey Attorney Admits Role in Conspiracy to Defraud Mortgage Lenders
July 16, 2008Two Women Sentenced to Long Prison Terms for $14 Million Mortgage Fraud
July 11, 2008Jury Convicts West New York Man in $2 Million Investment Fraud
July 2, 2008Former City of Newark Technology Contractor Admits Defrauding Cisco Systems of Millions of Dollars
June 27, 2008Assistant Vice President Admits Defrauding The South Jersey Federal Credit Union
June 23, 2008Former Samsung America Director Admits Embezzling More Than $1 Million
June 23, 2008Camden County Man Pleads Guilty to Scheme To Defraud Investors of Millions of Dollars
June 20, 2008Former Marlboro Township Mayor Matthew Scannapieco Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Taking $245,000 in Bribes
June 19, 2008U.S. and Cendant Corp. Sue Former Company Chairman to Recover Fraudulently Transferred Assets
June 10, 2008Alleged Mastermind of $75 Million Mortgage Fraud and Investment Scheme Arrested
May 23, 2008Wachovia Securities V.P. Sentenced to 20 Months in Prison for Bank Larceny
May 22, 2008Former Bank Manager Sentenced to 37 Months for Stealing Over $829,000 from Customer Accounts
May 9, 2008Clementon Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Aiding in the Filing of False Tax Returns
May 8, 200823 Reputed Crime Family Members and Associates Charged in Racketeering, Gambling, Extortion Indictment
May 7, 2008Former Assoc. Vice President at Stevens Institute of Technology Admits Embezzling $264,000 from Funds to Assist Students
April 24, 2008Owner of Newark Construction Business Admits Bribing Former Linden Housing Official
April 22, 2008Government Sues Another Cardiologist to Recover Fraudulent Receipt of Salary at UMDNJ
April 17, 2008Government Sues Cedar Grove Cardiologist to Recover Fraudulent Receipt of Salary at UMDNJ
April 16, 2008Ex-Newark Mayor Sharpe James Guilty on All Counts; Mistress Convicted With Him
March 26, 2008Woman Who Filed Tax Returns in the Names of Deceased New Jerseyans Gets Two Years in Federal Prison (Case is Among Numerous Others Brought as Tax-Filing Deadline Arrives)
March 26, 2008Former Local 825 Business Agent Admits Taking Bribes from Contractors, Implicates Others
March 19, 2008Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the U.S. Small Business Administration
March 19, 2008Pennsylvania Man Charged with Conspiring with Airport Baggage Handlers to Steal Mail, Create Counterfeit Treasury Checks
March 19, 2008Man Admits Role in Scheme to Defraud Cendant Mortgage Corporation of $2 Million
March 6, 2008Former Social Security Administration Employee Indicted in Scheme to Defraud Aliens
March 3, 2008Former Securities Broker Sentenced to 42 Months in Federal Prison for Stock and Extortion Schemes
February 29, 2008Consultant/Lobbyist Sentenced to 27 Months in Federal Prison on Mail Fraud and Tax Evasion Charges
February 21, 2008Four From New Jersey and New York Charged with Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering
February 21, 2008IRS Revenue Agent Sentenced to 34 Months for Tax Evasion And Fraud
February 14, 2008Former Senator Joseph Coniglio Charged with Fraud, Extortion in Connection with Hackensack University Medical Center
February 14, 2008Linden Official Admits Taking More Than $180,000 in Bribes; His Brother and One Other Defendant Also Plead Guilty in Scheme
February 13, 2008Parsippany Board Attorney Admits Helping Developer, and Receiving Benefits for Himself and Family Members
January 30, 2008Primary Election Hotline Established at U.S. Attorney’s Office for Complaints of Voting Irregularities or Abuses
January 25, 2008Two Federal Inmates Convicted in Scheme to Defraud the IRS of $360,000
January 24, 2008Owner of Plainfield Driving School Gets 41 Months in Prison for Conspiring with MVC Employees to Sell Drivers’ Licenses
January 18, 2008Former Executive of New Jersey Technology Company Convicted in $5 Million Investor Fraud
January 18, 2008Thirteen People Indicted, Seven More Plead Guilty, in $20 Million Home Equity Loan Scheme
January 16, 2008Grand Jury Indicts Passaic Mayor Rivera for Allegedly Accepting a $5,000 Bribe in Exchange for His Influence
January 11, 2008Leader of the Bloods "Sex Money Murder" Gang sentenced for Cocaine distribution charge
December 19, 2007Mister, of Pleasantville, indicted on corruption charges
December 18, 2007Passaic city councilman Jackson pleads guilty to accepting $26,000 in bribes
December 14, 2007Former bank employee, Libby, sentenced to 24 months in federal prison for embezzling nearly $500,000
December 13, 2007Letter from Christie to the President, and Chairman of board of trustees, of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ
December 13, 2007Guttenberg mayor and wife charged with tax fraud in superseding indictment
December 12, 2007Sureties broker, Michaels, admits attempting to defraud NJ business of $800,000
December 11, 2007Former Far Hills councilman, Greenwald, gets 20 months in prison for conspiracy to launder $700,000
December 11, 2007Bergenfield man, Wai, admits operating illegal money remitting business
December 10, 2007Pleasantville school board president, Pressely, admits attempting extorion
December 10, 2007Warren Hosptial agrees to pay $7.5 million to government for Medicare over billing
December 5, 2007Marlboro Twp developer, Spalliero, admits bribing former mayor and tax evasion conspiracy
November 30, 2007Former bookkeeper at Paramus heating oil company, Grey, admits embezzling more than $1.5 million
November 28, 2007Former top aide to Newark City council president, Reid, indicted for accepting bribes
November 26, 2007Hudson, a former employee of a contractor, was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison for stealing more than $300,000 worth of government property
November 20, 2007Linden building inspector admits taking corrupt cash payments from company
November 14, 2007Former secret service agent sentenced to 28 months in prison for pension fraud and negotiated bad checks
November 7, 2007Bridgewater man gets 37 months for half-million dollar fruad of PSEG
November 7, 2007Businessman admits paying bribes to former Atlantic City Council President for infuence on city contracts
November 2, 2007Adult day care facilities ownder admits defrauding Medicaid of $5.5 million
November 1, 2007Former Atlantic City mayor admits defrauding the veterans benefits administration
November 1, 2007Former Pleasantville school board member, Callaway, admits attempted extortion
October 31, 2007Abdullahu admits supplying guns and ammunition to illegal aliens charged with planning attacks on military personnel
October 31, 2007Princeton businessman arrested and charged with purposefully failing to pay millions in payroll taxes
October 30, 2007Former Newark court clerk admits taking bribes to sanitize criminal record
October 26, 2007Former Florham Park man sentenced to 41 months for defrauding NJ investors of more than $13 million
October 25, 2007Former Paterson Housing Inspector sentenced to 12 months in prison for taking bribes
October 24, 2007Atlantic City businessman sentenced for paying bribes to AC councilmen
October 24, 2007Three more Monmouth county officials get prison terms for corruption
October 24, 2007Passaic inspector admits taking bribe, negotaiting future payoffs
October 23, 2007Three Monmouth county officials get prison terms for corruption
October 22, 2007Two figures in $73 million investment fraud plead guilty
October 19, 2007Former assemblyman Alfred Steele admits attempted extortion
October 17, 2007Monmouth county developer gets 2 years in prison for bribing former Ocean Twp Mayor
October 10, 2007Orange Mayor and former Assemblyman Mims Hackett indicted for attempting extortion
October 4, 2007Former bank employee pleads guilty to bank fraud and identity theft
September 27, 2007Five Companies in Hip and Knee Replacement Industry Avoid Prosecution by Agreeing to Compliance Rules and Monitoring
September 26, 2007Dentist convicted in scheme to obtain $1.36 million by defrauding mortgage lenders
September 25, 2007Former chief financial officer admits embezzling from company
September 24, 2007Corporate Chairman/CEO sentenced to 240 months for stock scheme that swindled over $15 million from investors
September 20, 2007IRS Revenue agent pleads guilty to tax evasion and fraud charges
September 12, 2007Asbury Park restaurateur pleads guilty to money laundering
September 7, 2007Former analyst for R.W. Johnson Foundation sentenced to 24 months, ordered to pay $324,000 in restitution for fraud
September 6, 2007Five school board members, 2 state assemblymen, mayor, councilman, and others arrested in public corruption probe
August 24, 2007East Brunswick podiatrist admits Medicare fraud, agrees to pay $1.2 million in criminal and civil penalties
August 21, 2007Two indicted in alleged scheme to defraud cendant mortgage corporation of $2 million
August 20, 2007Former bank employee sentenced to 57 months for thefts totaling $496,000 from Wachovia Bank
August 16, 2007Appraiser pleads guilty in $50 million real estate investor fraud
August 15, 2007Swedesboro man sentenced to 24 months in prison for defrauding bank of $550,000
August 13, 2007Former executive director of utilities authority senteced on corruption charges
August 3, 2007Holmdel contractor and daughter charged with structuring $3 million in cash
August 2, 2007Landscaper admits bribing former Brick Twp official
August 1, 2007Former Passaic valley water commission employee admits taking bribes from property manager to keep water on
July 31, 2007Former Postmaster pleads guilty in connection with theft of US Postal monies
July 19, 2007Former Samsung unit director arrested, charged in $1.5 million fraud against the multinational corporation
July 18, 2007Former Marine and FBI Analyst sentenced to 10 years for transferring classified info to assist in overthrow of Philipinne government
July 12, 2007Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James indicted; allegedly traveled, spent lavishly on Newark credit cards, and engaged in fraudulent land "flipping" with companion
June 14, 2007Statement from Christie on expiration of deferred prosecution agreement with Bristol-Meyers Squibb
June 13, 2007Former FAA supervisor at the William J. Hughes Technical Center pleads guilty in contract fraud scheme
June 13, 2007Chief Engineer sentenced to prison for oil pollution cover-up
June 11, 2007Owner of physical therapy clinics sentenced to 54 months in prison for multi-million dollar Medicare fraud
May 24, 2007New Brunswick Supervisory Clerk arrested on charges of extorting corrupt payments
May 22, 2007Jersey City man gets 41 months for bilking NY private school and Hoboken housing authority
April 24, 2007Bayonne architect convicted of tax evasion on money government alleged was extorted from housing contractor
April 20, 2007Bergen county man pleads guilty to investment scam purporting to invest in NJ's top companies
April 19, 2007Camden councilman sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for extortion
April 12, 2007Contraband cigarette ring busted; sold tens of millions of untaxed cigarettes
April 2, 2007Executives of NJ cheesemaker Suprema Specialties convicted on all counts in fraud that led to bankruptcy
March 29, 2007Senator Wayne Bryant indicted for obtaining corrupt benefits and for scheme to fraudulently pad pension
March 27, 2007Former West Long Branch councilman sentenced to 15 months for bribery
March 27, 2007Another contractor admits making corrupt payments to New Brunswick officials
March 26, 2007Fourteen public officials and employees of Paterson and Passaic charged with accepting bribes
March 13, 2007Former appraiser admits role in multi-million dollar mortgage fraud
February 6, 2007Colorado securities attorney pleads guilty in stock scheme that swindled more than $15 million from investors
January 26, 2007Cherry Hill man pleads guilty in stock scheme that swindled more than $15 million from investors
January 25, 2007FAA employee in Atlantic City convicted of fraud in receipt of $100,000 in federal disability payments
January 23, 2007Former Fair Lawn businessman sentenced to 70 months in prison for multi-million credit card fraud
January 19, 2007Eleven charged in federal indictment for auto insurance and bank fraud schemes
January 17, 2007Former Keyport Mayor admits trading influence for bribes
January 11, 2007Council, of Clementine, sentenced to 24 months in federal prison for defrauding Commerce Bank of more than $320,000 and MBNA America of approximately $27,000

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