October 14, 2021 | Number of The Day
NJ voters who support giving Medicare the power to lower prescription drug prices

Big divisions between voters are highlighted at every turn in these fervidly partisan times. It’s even more striking, then, whenever bipartisanship breaks out — as it has on the issue of drug prices. Specifically, a poll released Oct. 13 finds overwhelming bipartisan support (77%) in New Jersey for giving Medicare the power to lower prescription drug prices for all Americans. Eighty-five percent of Democrats said they favor such a prospect, while 74% or Independents and 71% of Republicans said they favor it. Voters also reject the drug company argument that giving Medicare the power to negotiate would undermine innovation.

One finding in the poll that won’t stop the presses: 85% of voters said they think the price of prescription drugs is too high, while just 9% — like Goldilocks on her last bowl of porridge —  think the prices are “about right.”

According to the survey, by Public Policy Polling, 83% of New Jersey voters support ensuring that Americans do not pay more for  the same prescription drugs than people pay for them in other countries, while just 6% oppose it.

Among other findings:

  • 66% of New Jersey voters support a plan in Congress to lower health insurance costs for people who buy insurance on their own by expanding tax credits and subsidies.
  • 84% support using savings from lower drug prices to provide health care benefits for hearing, dental, and vision to seniors on Medicare, and lower insurance premiums for millions more.
  • 67% support giving low- and moderate-income Americans, including seniors, children, and people who do not get insurance at work, the opportunity to get health insurance at little or no cost if their state does not offer coverage under Medicaid.

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