NJ Spotlight News | September 15, 2021
Fatal crashes per 100,000 people in Garden State

For all the flak they catch for their skills — or lack thereof — behind the wheel, New Jersey drivers are admirably safe, at least when it comes to fatal accidents. According to 2019 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiled by Zutobi, Garden State drivers are ranked 45th for deadly crashes (the higher the score, the safer the state).

All told, New Jersey had 15.1 fatal crashes per 100,000 people, with 1,341 people killed. Neighboring New York state did slightly better, with 10.7 deadly crashes per 100,000 people and 2,068 deaths, putting it in 49th place. Do not, repeat, do not drive in Wyoming, the deadliest state, with 55 fatal crashes per 100,000 residents and 320 deaths, putting it in the top spot.

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