July 6, 2021 | Number of The Day
NJ's spending on professional fireworks in 2020

Americans love fireworks, standing in the dark and oohing and ahhing as showers of sparks and colored strobes whiz and explode overhead. New Jerseyans are no different, an assertion confirmed by some of the huge pyrotechnic presentations that can be seen at the Shore.

But how much do we really love fireworks? Not all that much, it seems. New Jersey finished 35th out of all states and Washington, D.C.,  when it comes to the amount shelled out on professional pyrotechnics in 2020: $1,981,527. That works out to a paltry 22 cents per capita.

Missouri, in contrast, really knows how to have a blast. It took the top slot, spending $51,088,748 all told, or $8.34 per capita. Alabama came in second, with total spending of $28,353,392, or $5.80 per capita.

Rhode Island’s fireworks are more fizzle than sizzle. It spent $22,629, or 2 cents per person.

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