April 27, 2021 | Number of The Day
Per capita federal coronavirus aid so far distributed to NJ

Federal aid to the states and the District of Columbia to address the coronavirus pandemic covers 18 major programs including those related to unemployment, business, health care and education. The nonpartisan Peter G. Peterson Foundation is keeping tabs on it all with its interactive state tracker resource, which allows one to see how each state is doing, how much money remains to be distributed, along with analysis of the rates at which states are receiving funding. According to that analysis, “the amount disbursed per capita can vary by state, with such variances depending on the specific COVID-19 relief program because each one includes a different set of criteria for how the money is allocated.”

At the top of the list for per capita spending so far of federal relief comes the District of Columbia ($12,845), with New York ($10,881), Vermont ($10,340), Massachusetts ($9,893) and North Dakota ($9,844) rounding out the top five. The bottom five recipients through April 15, 2021, are the U.S. Territories (n/a), Utah ($5,483), North Carolina ($5,736), South Carolina ($5,788) and Arizona ($6,418). New Jersey is ninth for per capita spending of the aid, at $9,134.

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