April 26, 2021 | Number of The Day
Ivy League acceptance letters (so far) for Newark student

The number of acceptance letters — seven — that Newark public school student Janic Aguirre has received from Ivy League schools isn’t the most interesting one on his resume; we’ll get to that. First, though, the seven ayes came from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Columbia. Brown is still a possibility for the student at Bard Early College High School.

Dr. Joanne Baron of Bard said of Aguirre that he “is one of those people who just really seems to excel at everything he does. My colleagues and I actually had a bit of a competition to see who could get Janic interested in their specialty — and I feel like I won that competition.” Aguirre took Baron’s course on ancient Mayan writing. Previously interested in a career in astrophysics, computer science or law, the 17-year-old now wants to delve further into Mayan epigraphy after studying anthropology and linguistics.

Aguirre, of Japanese and Nicaraguan descent, is fluent in Japanese and will be a first-generation college student.

That other significant number? The young man is constructing his own language and has created 300 words for it so far.

We were feeling quite smug about that bird house we built lately; not so much anymore.