Aid to NJ school districts, 2021-22: What does Gov. Murphy’s budget proposal mean for your district?

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Gov. Phil Murphy’s new state budget proposal has good news for most school districts in the form of increased state aid. In total, Murphy wants to give K-12 districts an additional $578 million in assistance.

2021-22 Proposed School Aid
2021-22 Proposed School Aid

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While that would increase aid to almost two-thirds of the state’s districts, it leaves 193 facing a loss of aid and a dozen with flat funding. More than two dozen districts would lose at least $1 million in state aid if lawmakers adopt Murphy’s budget as is.

The biggest loser would be Jersey City; it’s facing a $71 million aid cut, or 22% of the total it is getting this year. That is only the most recent decrease in school aid for Jersey City, whose schools have already lost $86 million since Murphy took office in 2018.

On the other hand, Newark public schools have gained $79 million so far under Murphy. And his latest budget proposes giving them another boost of almost $86 million.

Our database includes Murphy’s aid proposal for every school district and how much of an increase or decrease that would represent over the current year. It also shows what the total aid impact from Murphy’s tenure would be if his proposal gets legislative approval.

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