March 3, 2021 | Number of The Day
NJ’s rank among U.S. states for fewest passenger vehicles per adult resident

New Jersey ranks near the bottom of states in the number of passenger vehicles on the road per resident age 16 and older.

A study conducted by CoPilot, a firm that helps people navigate the vehicle-buying process, reports there are 0.78 passenger vehicles on the road in New Jersey per adult resident, compared with a national average of 0.85.

Numbers included in the survey range from 0.95 vehicles per adult in Virginia Beach, to 0.29 in New York City. The highest level among states can be found in wide-open Wyoming, where there are 1.12 passenger vehicles for every resident 16 and older.

Beyond reflecting population density, CoPilot says the numbers also show that more people are working from home, a trend that began before COVID-19 safety measures were put in place.