February 24, 2021 | Number of The Day
Length in miles of one of NJ’s most vexing mass-transit challenges

This is one to watch: NJ Transit sent out a Request for Proposals (RPF) last week seeking, as a press release memorably put it, “an inventive and original solution” to increase mass transit capacity between the Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station at Secaucus Junction and the Meadowlands Complex.

The challenge for the nation’s largest public transportation system is to solve “how to move a stadium’s worth of people seamlessly and continuously” between Secaucus Junction and the Meadowlands Sports and Entertainment Complex, anchored by MetLife Stadium, the Racetrack and the American Dream mall. Account must also be taken of the existing clot of highly traveled roads thereabouts, the sensitive Meadowlands environment and the nearby Hackensack River.

The seven-mile stretch between Secaucus Junction and the Meadowlands is one of the more infamous in New Jersey travel lore. Who can forget the debacle that was “the first mass-transit Super Bowl” in 2014, when thousands of attendees were stranded for hours waiting for trains after the game; the existing train line between the stadium and Secaucus Junction was hopelessly outgunned, unable to move people quickly enough. It wasn’t all NJ Transit’s fault, by a long shot. But they were the big losers that year, along with the Denver Broncos.

When’s the next Super Bowl in this neck of the woods? We’ll show them.