February 15, 2021 | Number of The Day
Height in feet of world’s tallest rollercoaster, Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson

If plummeting a heart-stopping 418 feet to reach a top speed of 128 mph is your idea of fun, then New Jersey is the state for you. More specifically, you’ll want to head to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, home to Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest rollercoaster. The ride’s “top hat,” the platform the cars are launched from, towers 456 feet above terra firma, tall enough for Kingda Ka to cop the title of world’s tallest rollercoaster from Guinness World Records. At 50 seconds, the ride is mercifully brief. Kingda Ka , built in 2005, is no longer the world’s fastest. It relinquished that record when Abu Dhabi’s Formula Rossa broke the tape at 149 mph, while the New Jersey rollercoaster pokes along at 128 mph.

Kingda Ka is closed for the season, but the thoughtful folks at Six Flags have posted a video to whet your appetite for terror.

If you don’t get the whole rollercoaster thing, you’ll likely see the wisdom in the words of a former colleague. Asked why he didn’t watch scary movies, he succinctly replied, “Isn’t real life scary enough?”